Tuesday, 30 December 2008

back again

well thats another one over! it was nice though and i really dont want to take my tree down this year! usually i cant wait to get the place tidy again but i really did like the tree this year . although the pics arent very good and i hadnt yet taken the picture down behind it. do you notice the rudolph on the top. thats what we made at sams school on open afternoon! The hanging is one i made a few years ago that comes out every year. Jodie is the dog ! a little mongrel rescued about 5 years ago from the dogs home! shes lovely. And the bear is erm....well he hasnt got a name yet ,but he is my latest needlefelted creation. i did try my hand at crochet but i just cant do it, well i can follow the stitches but the result is not what it should be ! i was getting quite frustrated with it. i found two little old fashoined booklets showing the stitches and also found some online tutorials but still I CAN'T DO IT ARGGGGG !!!!! a very happy new year to everyone x x x x x x xox

Monday, 15 December 2008

here he is......

'ottis' my first needle felted bear......

needle felting

have been giving needle felting a go , its very addictive and quite therapeutic (have i spelt that right) anyway. later on when the light is better i will take a photo of "Ottis" , my very first 5 way jointed teddy bear!he measures about 3 inches standing, and he does stand. i am soooooo pleased with him! come back later and meet him x

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

work in progress

here is a look at my "little house" quilted wallhanging, have yet to do the windows. i am doing the seed stitching on the background, i think it gives it a bit of life and texture. i might put it in either folksy or etsy when its finished although i know a friend of mine would love it so maybe it will be a christmas present! x

Sunday, 7 December 2008

that cat!!!

you can't help but love 'im!!!!

campers and advent

these are 2 camper wallhangings i was asked to make for someone, they are very bright and cheerful, sorry for the picture quality its been dark and miserable today and they are off to their new home tomorrow so had to take them today!!

here is the advent calendar i made about 3 years ago. i put little choccies in the stockings and away we go!! its rather jolly on the kitchen wall. The tree went up, and was down again not long after!!!! its wizz's first christmas and the sight of a tree in the front room was a bit too exciting and he was half way up peeping out , next thing its down ,cat and all!! anyway i think he scared himself because he hasn,t done it again....

Monday, 1 December 2008

little cutie.....

this is my new little friend i made over the weekend . have made several , and i may make some bigger ones. have these two little fellas up for sale on folksy today. on another note i forgot to give the kids their advent calendars this morning before school! oops. i have a large wallhanging one i made for the kitchen wall so i need to go and get some sweeties to put in the 24 stockings. will post a pic of it tomorrow. x x

Thursday, 27 November 2008

and another visit from the tooth fairy!

sam has held on to his teeth for longer than usual and now all of a sudden they are coming out faster than anything.... one comes out and then he finds another wobbler! keeps the fairy busy and skint!!

its beginning to look a lot like christmas......

Tuesday, 18 November 2008


i have sinusitus along with a stinking cold and sore throat and i am on holiday from work! thats about right isnt it. anyway still no pics im afraid and i have so much to show you. i will borrow my dads camera tomorrow and try again! i,m a celebrity, get me out of here! started this week so thats me from 9-10 i think the bushtucker trials are so funny! anyway see you tomorrow! here are a couple of summer pics from down on the beach here in st ives last year ,it doesnt look like that today!!!! its so cold. oh and thats my sam on the rock!

Thursday, 13 November 2008

no posts for ages oops sorry i have no pictures because the camera is not working at the minute i try for tomorrow. i have lots of work to show . i did a "proper present party " last night it went quite well really. it was just like a craft fair really full of lots of lovely goodies! chris had aqquired a folding screen for me to hang my hangings on. we painted it and it looked cool. pics to follow.

Monday, 27 October 2008

haven,t done much sewing today as the children are on half term! i need to be taking some photos of my work i have been doing will try to do that tomorrow. so here is a photo of godrevy lighthouse just across the bay here in st ives, i think i took that in the summer , it looks a lovely day. wasnt today we had hailstones and showers, its gone really cold. there were some lovely rainbows today but i never seem to have my camera with me when i see them! started giving harry a feed in the morning now, he does love his breakfast. being a shetland he doesnt really need any hard feed but his fieldmates get some so he just has a bit of chaff with his garlic and vitamins in!! oh and a few carrots, nothing in there to put weight on but keeps him happy!

Monday, 20 October 2008

is there anybody there!

i am actually starting to wonder if anyone is reading my blog or has anybody even looked at it ! i never seem to get any comments and i do try to post regularly.... if you read this post could you just leave a quick comment just so that i know i can be seen!! thankyou very muchly. x

Thursday, 16 October 2008


i found this blog today and if your anything like me and love buttons then you too will love it ! they also have a website where you can buy all their lovely goodies! go on ...go have a mooch round....http://buttoncompany.blogspot.com/

Sunday, 12 October 2008

heeers bert!

this is bert i made him the other night when i just wanted to do something else! i think he's great with his long beak and longer legs! i think he is a cross with a toucan and a thingermebob!! please tell me what you think....

Friday, 3 October 2008

a week later

well how fast did that week go !and still i havent posted my pics ....ooops. Went to my dads monday and helped him clean the conservatory from top to bottom and then found myself in a cleaning mood so came home and started on my own house! cleaned out the whole front room and banished most of sams toys to his room where i keep telling him is where they belong! washed the skirting boards good polish , vaccum and looks great again . daughter ami cleared out the computer desk and that looks good too. need to do the hallway which is cluttered with alot of my arty stuff so thats the project for the weekend cos i dont think the weather is looking very good. it has gone very cold lately, i actually put my heating on this morning when i got up! anyway off to work soon and then home about ten and do some sewing before bed.... xxxxx

oh the picture is of buster my old ginger boy asleep in the warm soil of a plant pot!!!!!!! bless!

Friday, 26 September 2008

in the garden

here is the little fella, i had to take that one of him in the fucsia bush its just soooo cute! i have done a fair bit of stitching but haven't taken any pics yet! will get on to that this weekend. so more pics to follow¬ xx

Sunday, 21 September 2008


another lovely day i think this is our indian summer! just doing a bit round the house and in the garden ,wizz is out with us and not looking to escape anywhere ! he did shoot out of the front gate but came back again when he realised it wasnt so exciting out there after all ! so he is playing with jodie the dog pictures to follow! catch you later xx

Saturday, 20 September 2008


well another beautiful day here in cornwall! so we took advantage of the good weather and went off out .We went to Marazion where there is a really nice fabric shop (funnily enough!!) but it was SHUT!!!!!!!! oh no , so we walked across the causeway to St . michaels mount and guess what ..... that was shut too !!!!!! nevermind we had a look around the little island and then headed back befor the tide came in , otherwise you have to come back by boat!!! and i dont do boats! We then headed home along the country lanes instead of the main road it was really nice its only about 7 miles from st.ives to penzance. did a bit of gardening and then cooked the guys their tea but they werent very hungry cos we had been to macdonalds earlier. ah well i feel an evening of sewing coming on ! catch you all later xxxx

Tuesday, 9 September 2008

new brooches

check out my new brooches up on etsy today!

Sunday, 7 September 2008


i have listed some new items on etsy today . some new hangings all sewn on to covered mounts all ready to hang!! got lots more time now the kids are back at school so plenty more to come!! check out my little helper!!

Thursday, 4 September 2008

back to school!

kids back to school this week so more time for sewing and blogging i hope. have made alot of new brooches for a craft fair at lamorna on saturday and have some new hangings in a shop in st. just! all good. Well the summer holidays were a bit of a wash out....rain ,rain and more rain and still it goes on with torrential rain forecast for today and tomorrow. best to stay in and sew then!! Harry hasn,t been to any more shows, quite alot were canceled due to the weather.Maybe we will have a nice autumn. Oh and we did aquire a new member of the family this summer . His name is wizz and he is 4 months old and he is lovely. He is having so much fun here winding up the dog and other two cats!!!! i think he is going to rule the roost!

Friday, 8 August 2008

Wednesday, 2 July 2008

where does the time go!

i cant believe the time that has gone by since my last post!! ooops! well i have been very busy and not a lot of photos to prove it. i will take some of the projects i have finished and the ones i have started. Harry went to his second show and came home with four rosettes and a cup!! wow go harry! he got first, best gelding , junior champion and reserve overall champion, but then he is rather gorgeous!!! i have some pics of him for you.........

Saturday, 31 May 2008

beaded brooches

did a craft fair today but there weren't very many customers there unfortunately. it was a local village hall event. there was some lovely things there but such a shame not many people to see them. i took along a selection of brooches, hangings and friendship dolls.

Tuesday, 22 April 2008

new pictures of new dolls x