Monday, 27 October 2008

haven,t done much sewing today as the children are on half term! i need to be taking some photos of my work i have been doing will try to do that tomorrow. so here is a photo of godrevy lighthouse just across the bay here in st ives, i think i took that in the summer , it looks a lovely day. wasnt today we had hailstones and showers, its gone really cold. there were some lovely rainbows today but i never seem to have my camera with me when i see them! started giving harry a feed in the morning now, he does love his breakfast. being a shetland he doesnt really need any hard feed but his fieldmates get some so he just has a bit of chaff with his garlic and vitamins in!! oh and a few carrots, nothing in there to put weight on but keeps him happy!

Monday, 20 October 2008

is there anybody there!

i am actually starting to wonder if anyone is reading my blog or has anybody even looked at it ! i never seem to get any comments and i do try to post regularly.... if you read this post could you just leave a quick comment just so that i know i can be seen!! thankyou very muchly. x

Thursday, 16 October 2008


i found this blog today and if your anything like me and love buttons then you too will love it ! they also have a website where you can buy all their lovely goodies! go on ...go have a mooch round....

Sunday, 12 October 2008

heeers bert!

this is bert i made him the other night when i just wanted to do something else! i think he's great with his long beak and longer legs! i think he is a cross with a toucan and a thingermebob!! please tell me what you think....

Friday, 3 October 2008

a week later

well how fast did that week go !and still i havent posted my pics ....ooops. Went to my dads monday and helped him clean the conservatory from top to bottom and then found myself in a cleaning mood so came home and started on my own house! cleaned out the whole front room and banished most of sams toys to his room where i keep telling him is where they belong! washed the skirting boards good polish , vaccum and looks great again . daughter ami cleared out the computer desk and that looks good too. need to do the hallway which is cluttered with alot of my arty stuff so thats the project for the weekend cos i dont think the weather is looking very good. it has gone very cold lately, i actually put my heating on this morning when i got up! anyway off to work soon and then home about ten and do some sewing before bed.... xxxxx

oh the picture is of buster my old ginger boy asleep in the warm soil of a plant pot!!!!!!! bless!