Thursday, 1 January 2009

happy new year!!

well here it is..... another year. i spent the first half of last evening at work, i work as a carer for the elderly. we had to fight our way around our home town of st. ives on a new years eve which i can tell you is a feat in itself as the roads are closed so that the revellers can ,well , revell ! it is a particularly busy time for st ives people come from all over just to dress in fancy dress and take to the streets and the booze! its all good fun and there are some right sights i can tell you. this year it was rather cold so i finished work ,came home to the warm and got out that crochet hook once more! but still nothing, or nothing that resembles anything much!!! i shall not give in and someday i will look back and laugh at my feeble attempts, you know , when i finish my second or third blanket! ha ha ha ha ahh well tomorrows another day!! all the best for the coming year x x x

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