Tuesday, 3 February 2009


well here was our snow, its a very rare occuance here in st.ives! this is harry with his rug on which he doesn't wear all that often because being a shetland pony he has a lovely thick,warm coat,but me well i felt sorry for him because his field mates all had theirs on!!! we took it off today when the sun came out, he looks soooo cute! anyway schools were closed today so sam had a great day with snowmen and being a dr who fan there was also snow-adipose thingeys!!!!! all very creative. and me ,well i did a bit more to my little house! will be back tomorrow with news on my crochet which i have finally mastered. well when i say mastered i am progressing with a blanket which you just keep going round in rounds dont know what its called but will post pics tomorrow! xx

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