Thursday, 5 March 2009

ahhhh or errrrr !

See this little fella, well him and his mates are quite a thing here in St. Ives. Some people hate them and some people quite like them really. I quite like them actually and it wouldn't be the same without them. In the summer they seem to go on a bit of a rampage and they flock into town to wait for the unsuspecting holidaymaker to buy their fish and chips, pastie or ice cream and then they pounce, and they can be quite nasty sometimes. There have been many complaints about them. We have signs up in the town asking people not to feed them, but they do, so really you can't blame them. The seaside wouldn't be the same without the seagulls, well i think so anyway. I think this one might be the subject of my next quilted picture! I've called him Gulliver!!!! xx


Diane said...


I'm also here via Attic24. Ive been trying to find someone who blogs from St Ives for ages as it's my favorite place in the whole world - Its where my heart is. At some point in every day, I wish I was in St Ives! We visit at least once a year and camp in our tent at Ayr. I love your blog, and your wall hangings are great - How much are they? My walls at home are covered in paintings of St Ives. Your photo's (and the ones from will have to keep me going until the end of May. Please keep posting - I'm glad Ive found you.

Diane said...

...and PS I have been a victim of the aforementioned Gull. I hadnt even taken a bite of my delicious looking egg custard from Porthgwidden Cafe when it was so cruelly (but skillfully) snatched from hand!! My hubby now guards us whilst we eat, then we guard him - it looks quite funny as he takes the task a bit too seriously!

noelle said...

hi diane thanks for finding me! i will keep posting with plenty of pics of St. Ives. i have some of my wallhangings in my folksy shop go check them out!! noelle

summerfete said...

Did you see St Ives on Britains best drives this week?? It made my heart swoon, cant wait to return. We stay in Ayr campsite which is fab.

A seagull landed on my husbands head one year whilst eating chips.

I dont think they are as bad as they were, I think maybe they have culled a few.

Clare (still envious)

summerfete said...

Ooh Ive just read Diannes comment about Ayr too, how strange!!