Wednesday, 25 March 2009

lovely weather again!


Buster Cake!

Here in Cornwall the sun continues to shine, although today was a tad chilly! The cats sought sunny spots in the garden, i had to boot one off the newly planted peas!! I spent a bit of time in the garden but it got a bit windy so went in to make a chocolate cake , you're going to think i am really weird but i don't like chocolate! Ever since i had my daughter 17 years ago when all through the pregnancy i ate crunchie bars and got rather larger than i should of!!! Never liked chocolate since !Everyone else here does though so this cake wont last long! Did do some sewing today but nothing to show just yet ! Off to work soon so catch you tomorrow! xx


skippinginthemeadow said...

Cats and cake, reminds me of home. You have a beautiful blog, hope you don't mind if I have a look around.

skippinginthemeadow said...

Hi Noelle
Good to see you over at my place, glad you enjoyed your visit. I shall pop over here again soon too. I am having a giveaway that ends at midnight tonight, I can put a reserve in for you and if you let me know wether you want to be in by tomorrow (thurs) evening I'll add your name to the draw.
warm wishes

Diane said...

I'll take a slice of that cake if there is any left! My daughter is very interested to find out about the new chocolate shop that is open on Fore Street - she is a total chocoholic. What with that and the pasties, we will be coming home 10 stone heavier from St Ives this year!! It absolutely freezing again here in the north - and we have another snow flurry predicted!! I'm not really a cat lover, but your kitties look lovely. Cats can always find the warmest spot can't they. xx

louise said...

Funny because I am not keen on chocolate cake, but love chocolate. Work that one out! Your cake does look tempting though. I want a cat! x