Friday, 27 March 2009

My desk this morning....

I thought how nice my buttons looked all together, this was before i had a tidy up.

I have been making some smaller hangings that i can use my buttons on can you see the little beach hut there?

here it is closer.

I've used a little boat button on the roof , a yellow spotty one on the door and 2 red ones in the top corners. I like to do seasidey sewing as you may know, Ithink it has something to do with living here!! I haven't always lived in cornwall, i came down from Woodford in Cheshire with my parents when i was about 18, i'm 42 now so its quite a while. I sometimes think that my children don't appreciate living by the sea as much as me because they have never lived anywhere else. I do drive them mad sometimes when we drive the main road into St. Ives and i always say 'just look at that view, don't you just love it here' !! The response is usually 'yeah right mum' !


Diane said...

Hi Noelle - your buttons are perfect for your hangings, You were right to make your own. As you know - I would love to live in St Ives - its still "the plan" for me, but the kids will need to have left home first as they dont share my enthusiasm - cant blame them as all their friends are here. I do worry about where I will live though, as when we trudge back up from the beach, those hills kill me. Do you have Dial-A-ride for pensioners?? The views from everywhere is St Ives are stunning. One of my favorites is from my breakfast table on Ayr, with a freshly cooked bacon butty in one hand, and the first coffee of the day in the other - or, same place at the other end of the day, with a nice glass of red. AAAAHHH not long now! Have a great weekend. xxxxx

summerfete said...

I think they will appreciate it when they are older and have left home. I know I didnt appreciate the New Forest when I was growing up, mainly because I did know any where else.
Its only when you move somewhere grotty you realise how special a place is!!

Cute pictures by the way!

Shabby Chick said...

Hi Noelle

Thanks so much for your comment and for visiting me :)

I am soooo jealous that you live in Cornwall! It's my favourite place to go on holiday, we've stayed at Tregony and St Agnes and I love love love Padstow, Truro and St Ives. Anyway, you are probably sick of people banging on about how much they love Cornwall by now!!!

Your hangings are so lovely, the one with the houses is just amazing, I really enjoy looking at tiny things like that, you're very talented.

Mel xxx

louise said...

I live by the sea in West Sussex. I am so glad to have stumbled by your blog as I love Cornwall and would love to live there one day? I love your wall hangings. x

skippinginthemeadow said...

Ooooh I love the new spring daisy look :o)
You have inspired my sister (and me, when I can organise the time) to make buttons :o)
I haven't been to Cornwall since I was a child, even so I have such vivid memories of it etched in my mind - made such an impression. Would love to go again.

Sarah said...

Hi Noelle

Thanks for posting a comment on my blog, and I love your photo's - roll on summer!

Lynne said...

Hi Noelle,
Your wall hanging and buttons are looking great.
I moved from Cheshire when I was 11 years old. I know what you mean about the sea, I never tire of it. In Northumberland we lived about 2 miles from the sea and it's lovely coastline. A great place to let the hounds off for a run.