Tuesday, 3 March 2009

out and about

it has been such lovely weather over the weekend we have been out and about quite a bit yesterday we went to mousehole (pronounced mouze-ul) a lovely liitle fishing village not far from us about 20 mins in the car. It looks alot like St.Ives ,but smaller and not as many shops. There are some nice little galleries and cafes and a little harbour where they can shut the gates too keep the stormy seas out, check out the pics. hope you all had a great weekend! x


summerfete said...

Ooh hello. I just read your comment on attic 24. St Ives is my favourite place in the world! We visit every year in our red and white splitscreen van.

Clare x

Lynne said...

Hi, I've just found you through Attic 24.
It's years since I've been down your neck of the woods. I had a lovely holiday with my parents and sister, travelling along the coast.
I love your little pictorial quilts.
And thank you for pointing me in the direction of the Button Company.

louise35flower said...

Hey we're all coming over via Attic24! I cannot resist the lure of a peek at Mousehole, hopefuly we will be visiting this year.

summerfete said...

Hi Noelle I have made you my featured blog of the month.
Its just a way for me to remember new blog friends.

Clare x

I love that I can have contact with someone living in my favourite spot, just by blogging!

ps. Porthmeor is my fav beach.