Sunday, 12 April 2009

Happy Easter!

Hi everyone, hope you are all having a lovely holiday! The sun is shining here in St Ives and its busy,busy,busy down in the town. I have been very busy, son's Birthday, baking,egg painting, crochet, sewing, the list goes on ! I am secretly looking forward to 'back to school' just for a rest!!

Another chocolate cake, painted eggs and my start on my blanket, pattern courtesy of Lucy over at attic 24

9 years old on Thursday!

This was from outside my back door this morning , beautiful day!


summerfete said...

Hi Noelle
Lucky you! St Ives and sunshine, two of my fav things!

Poppy Cottage said...

I agree with Summerfete. Cake looks scrummy and I love the colours of your blanket. Have spent a fair ammount of today hooking my Attic 24 Bag!!!! We have a lot to thenk Lucy for!!

Take care.

Colette x

Diane said...

Oh how I wish I lived in St Ives. I bet it was boiling on the harbour beach!! Can you keep those skies blue for when I come down ? Happy Easter and Happy Birthday to the birthday boy.