Friday, 3 April 2009

Little houses

I was looking at pics of all the things i have made, and alot of them are pictures with little houses on them . I like sewing little houses because i think they can be any style and any colour. These pictures have all got my little houses on them.

This one above is of St.Ives Harbour, it is one of my favourites and hangs above our bed. If you know St. Ives it is full of higgledy piggledy little houses and i just love em!

Here is another one of St.Ives.
So i thought i would like to have a go at making an actual' little house' well, not an actual one , but a small , stitched,cute little house! I'm not going to show you it just yet , but can you see a bit of it peeking out behind that fabric. As i was making it i thought of someone who also has a 'thing' for little houses, and she is someone who we all 'know' and she cheers us all up with her fantastic blog! I wonder do you know who i'm talking about yet? Well this house is for her as she has a bit of a collection going on. It is of course for Lucy over at attic 24, i hope she will accept it. This is the first of many' little houses' for me i think because i so enjoyed making it and the possibilities are endless. Iwill show you the house in full on Monday, just finishing the flowers round the door. Oh it even has an attic window!!!!


Have a good weekend x x


Attic24 said...

OH! My! Goodness!!!!!!!!
Can this be true???
Is there really really a little stitched house with an attic window waiting to come and live at Attic24????? To join the Attic24 Housey village????
I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!
Noelle you have made my day, what a sweet, thoughtful and completely exciting thing...will email you hun

(((((THANK YOU)))))
Love and hugs

Poppy Cottage said...

I think we all have so much to thank Lucy for, Without her I don't think I would have of picked up my hook, started a knitting & crochet group in Bridport, be half way through my blanket etc, etc and thank you too, St Ives is now on my list of special things to do this year!! All because of your lovely blog. Your houses are really really lovely. Looking forward to Monday. Thank you for your kind thoughts about Daz x

Diane said...

What a lovely little house! You are very clever Noelle. Lucy is very lucky, but she does deserve it as she has also encouraged me to pick up a crochet hook after goodness knows how many years, although my hubby says our home is starting to look like an old folks home with all the granny blankets!! He'll be grateful when we are huddled under them in a 60mph gale at Ayr (if the previous 2 years are anything to go by!!) Enjoy your weekend.xx

skippinginthemeadow said...

I love your housey pictures. possibly the middle one is my favourite, but then I like the one at the top, no can't decide, they are all wonderful. Lucy is going to love her little house, it looks so cute and mysterious ;o)

Lazylol said...

Oh My - lucky Lucy! Although I do agree, she does deserve it.
I love little houses too. I can't wait to see one of yours. The pictures you make are wonderful too.n You are very talented.

lucy@attic24 said...

oooo such lovely comments..I am blushing.
You are all soooo kind.
(((hugs)))) all round

Lynne said...

The top photo looked so familiar to me as it is a lot like one I have had in my head for months now that I want to do for a header for my blog. I've drawn it on paper somewhere and even bought the fabrics for it. Similiar but different!
Needless to say I love them all!