Monday, 13 April 2009

Rain stops play!

Well i woke up this morning and it was raining . After all the lovely weather we have had the last few days it has rained all day today. No playing outside today then, so it was card games, wii games, making quicksand for dinosaurs! (one of Sams Birthday presents) very messy that one, but good fun! I took another photo of my crochet because the colours didn't show up very well in the last one. The little circles in the middle aren't very good but i'm hoping the more i do the better they will be!!


Poppy Cottage said...

OK, so maybe Dorset isn't so bad after all. Thank you for giving us the sun!!!!! ((ALL DAY!!!)

I like the colours you are using.


Diane said...

Ha Ha, Weve had a glorious sunny day! I love the colours of your squares. Ive just finished my "St Ives" blanket - i'll post a photo later. xxxx