Sunday, 26 April 2009

Rain,rain,go away.....

Here are the last of the storm clouds over Porthmeor, after the rain flooded St.Ives again on Friday night/Saturday morning. Shops and houses were flooded, hotels were evacuated, tarmac on the roads was lifting up all over the place. Bit of a mess really.

So much for our £10 million flood defence scheme that they spent over two years doing and have just finished! There is quite a clear up going on down town today. We were alright because we live on a hill, but awful for the people in town.

Ah well, lets look forward to a summer like this!! ttfn x x


Diane said...

Thats terrible. Weve had rain forecast here for the weekend, but its been glorious. I dont know if I can stand another rainy and blustery week in my tent on the top of the hill again - I think we surely must be due for a good summer. Hope it clears up for you soon. xxx

Poppy Cottage said...

Phew! Glad you are OK, have been thinking about how you were doing down there.

Have a drier week!

Colette x

Lulu said...

beautiful place..I love rain.

Lynne said...

How terrible for all the people that have been flooded. Glad that you are okay.

summerfete said...

Gosh I didnt hear anything about that. We often think about how St Ives will cope with global warming issues. Too scary to think about!

We were in st ives a few years ago when there was a really high spring tide, that was bad enough!!

Hope you werent affected?


sumea said...

I hadn't heard about this either, your photographs are very dramatic!
Glad you are ok
Hope the weather improves for you people in Cornwall for you this week