Tuesday, 7 April 2009


Hello, today has been quite busy and we still haven't painted those eggs i blew on Sunday. We did a bit of shopping this morning, posted off Lucy's house, started a new little 'pink house', made a lovely chocolate Easter cake which won't make it till Easter!

Followed by a quick trip to the beach for half an hour, then the park, then home for a cup of tea, then prepare the evening meal before i dash off out to work at 5 and hubby comes home from work at 5.15! I shall be home by 10 and jiggered i expect, but will just have to do a bit more to my 'little house' . I so like making them , ta ta for now x x


Lyn said...

not nice when work stops play!
Your cake looks yummy, I may have to nick the idea of using eggs on the top of mine, if you don't mind!

Tabiboo said...

Mmmmmm chocolate cake!

Nina x

Diane said...

Hi Noelle, You do bake a good chocolate cake!! Hubby and I are opposite to you this week. I'm having to do holiday cover at work and work until 5.30pm and hubby leaves for work at 4.30pm and returns at 3am, so not even ships that pass in the night!! Can you remember the couple in "Brassed off" that used to pass each other on the doorstep?)We are comminicating by post it note and text - so misunderstandings are obviously occuring!! I'm looking forward to the weekend though when we are both off and praying for good weather. I need to get out!!

Lynne said...

That chocolate Easter cake looks so good.
Have a very Happy Easter

skippinginthemeadow said...

Love the cake.
Can't wait to see the pink house, I always wanted to live in a pink house.