Thursday, 30 April 2009

Where's the sun!

As you can see by the picture it is still wet and miserable here in St. Ives, it has been all week. We have had some really heavy rain. Although as i sit here writing this the sun is coming out. They did say nice for the weekend. May Day here is on Monday this year and we always have a May Day procession through town and the picking of the May Queen and King, Maypole dancing, Samba band and street stalls . We shall be going and hopefully i will have some photos to show you next week. My camera hasn't been out much this week due to work , weather and certainly not much stitching to show you , although i have 2 little houses on the go and lots in mind for little hangings .I still haven't really got back to normal since the Easter hols, goodness knows what i shall be like after the summer break!!!! My mind just seems to be in a muddle all the time ! I think i need to try to do some meditation or something to clear my mind of a lot of rubbish and then perhaps i can actually get on with things . I have so much i want to do . My get up and go seems to have got up and gone!!! see you for the giveaway tomorrow! x x


Tabiboo said...

Hiya, I know that feeling both 'weather' and 'get up and go'

I have to say though the sun has come out today though it is still blooming chilly. Hope the rain goes away down at your part of the country expecially for the weekend.

Haave a lovely day,

take care,

Nina x

Poppy Cottage said...

Glad it is not just me who's get up and go have wandered off somewhere else!

Have a lovely weekend (yipee, and extra day off work!!)

skippinginthemeadow said...

I will look forward to those May Day photo's. Hope the sun shines for you.
Hope you are feeling better and your get up and go comes back soon too.
Warm hugs

Little Brown Rabbit said...

Hi! I just visited your Folksy shop and Flickr pics- I LOVE your harbour quilts! Beautiful :)
Hope you have a lovely weekend and here's a little quote that I once read that really helps me if I'm struggling to do anything creative:

"Noting else matters except sitting down everyday and trying."

I know I can do that at least and once I've started everything else falls into place!

Little Brown Rabbit said...

Sorry meant nothing not noting! Oh dear!

Diane said...

Sorry to hear that your Karma's out of Kilta - I'm sure that a dose of sunshine will sort you out. Thanks for the weather updates - we are not down in St Ives until the next Bank Holiday, so plenty of time for the grass to dry out!! Have a nice and relaxing bank holiday - put "fun" on your agenda for the weekend. xxxx