Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Didn't he do well!

Two First rosettes and a qualifier
Having a rest!

We went to Newbridge Horse Show with Harry and he did really well. First in the Mountain and Moorland class and First in the Shetland class! Yippeeeeee. I only remembered to take a photo of him when he had finished in all the excitement, but there was a lady there taking photos and she then sells them from her website so i shall get some from her and show you but i have this one of his prizes, a shield and a cup and the rosettes. We were so pleased with him as he's only a baby still.


Debbie said...

Well done Noelle and Harry x

Poppy Cottage said...

Well done. You must be so proud of Harry and yourself.

Have a wonderfull week.


MarmaladeRose said...

Well done, he looks so little.
Love your little fabric houses,sweet!

Tabiboo said...

Well don Harry and congratulations Noelle!

Nina x