Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Horse play!

Well i have been very busy. Sewing, more sewing and horse training!! Trying to get Harry in good condition and going well for the show season, he does look rather lovely. We won alot last year and hopefully will do again this year. First show for us is next month.

Am still making little houses and have put some in my Folksy shop along with my Beach hut hanging, had another 2 done ,but sold those before i had chance to put them in the shop!!

I am on holiday from work this week, and quite frankly i don't know how i ever fitted it in !!There seems to be so much to do. This is my daily timetable roughly.... 7am get up, breakfast,household chores,8.30 school run,8.45 horsey duties, 11 home to do any chores left and do some sewing,3.00 school run, sort out dinner,dog walking,5.00 dinner, homework duties, more household chores, 8.30 young person bedtime, 9.00 sewing till about midnight then BED!

These two below have got it sussed i think !

A bit of an animal post today isn't it. Hope you are all having a good week !


summerfete said...

Really cute houses, you should make the whole of st ives!

Wish i had cats still!!


Shabby Chick said...

Hee hee, thanks for becoming my 100th follower! I didn't think it would happen that quickly!!!!! Love your little houses, they are beautiful. I must check out your shop.

Mel xxx

Diane said...

Sewing till midnight??!!! You are dedicated! Your horse looks lovely - I'm a bit scared of horses though. Your houses are all really unique. Hope that sun is still shining down there - up here it is so cold Ive put the heating back on!!

Sarah said...

I really wanted one of those houses! I assume your're making more?
I love horses and used to ride all the time, but unfortunately children and running my business has prevented me from getting onto a horse, infact it was 2 yrs ago!

wonderwoman said...

Harry is sooo cute and looks fantastic - good luck with your show next week.
love your houses!


Lauraa said...

I love your houses, i wish i lived in a house like that!!

Your horses are so cute