Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Looking forward to summer

Isn't summer a long time coming , or is it just me! so i thought i would cheer myself up and maybe you too, with some summery pics. Although i think the lighthouse one was taken not long ago, i remember being over at Godrevy and thinking apart from the cold you would think it was summer. Hmm not sure that makes sense , but i know what i mean!

Quite often in the summer Sam and i go down to the harbour beach and wander amongst the boats and paddle and stuff. Sam never seems to mind the cold of the sea, they don't when their young do they? And me there thinking its so cold my feet ache, i think i'm getting old :(

I'm ready now for the sun i think. Happy days!


Diane said...

We have found the harbour beach to be about 20 degrees warmer than the other beaches on our last 2 holidays with it being so sheltered. Lovely photographs - I'm getting really giddy now!!!

Julia said...

Thank you for your gorgeous sunny pics today, cheered me up no end as Im here watching jungle style torrential rain batter the street (for the umpteenth day in a row) and my little girl is watching a childrens tv show huddled under a fleecy blanket!! Oh my, I do wonder if summer is EVER going to arrive up here!

Love Julia xxx

Debbie said...

Thanks Noelle ..... I needed that pick-me-up today. x

cathleen said...

Beautiful photos, Noelle. I am ALWAYS ready for sun, and the sea!!!