Sunday, 10 May 2009

Nearly a week!

Gosh where does the time go. I can't believe i haven't posted anything for almost a week! I wasn't well last week and just couldn't be bothered to do very much really. Although i did make some more little houses. Its becoming almost an obsession really, i keep thinking of new ideas, town houses, country cottages, all different colours i am having great fun . Here is a sneak peek !

I will be putting some on Folksy this week.

This is my gerbera that sits on my kitchen windowsill it never fails to cheer me up, such a bright orange and orange is my favorite colour! My daughter bought me that for Mothers day.

This is the first of my Gazanias to come out in the garden , i love these to. This is such a nice stripey one. I have them in different colours. Will show you more when they come out!

Will be back tomorrow as normal, hopefully. Hope you are all having a lovely weekend, the weather here today is lovely! Hope it is where you are too. x x


Diane said...

I was wondering where you had gotten to. Your houses look great - you'll soon have a full town!! Keep that sun shining for me - Ive been sat daydreaming today as its not long now!! Ive got the self same gerbera on my window ledge. I got it last time I was in Ikea. Ive killed it once, but then I managed to revive it!! Have a great week and I hope you are feeling better. xxxxx

Lyn said...

I had gazanias last summer, I might just be in time to sow some-been very lazy in the growing/sowing stuff this year-I have only just got my carrots,beans and spring onions in!
I love your little houses-they look like cartoon houses, the tall green one especially.
hope you are feeling better soon.

Poppy Cottage said...

THANK YOU!!!!!!! So so much for my lovely wall hanging. It is really lovely and as for the buttons. Really really lovely.
Now....... where shall I put it.....

The houses are lovely. have a good week.

Colette x

Tabiboo said...


beautiful little houses and your flowers put a smile on my face too!

Hope you are feeling better?

take care,

Nina x