Monday, 18 May 2009

Very Fishy

I'm so excited, one of my 'little houses' is featured on Cuteable today!
I hope everyone had a good weekend . The weather here wasn't up to much really . We didn't really do a great deal. Oh we went to the fish shop, Chris keeps fish,lots of fish, in fact 3 tanks of fish! Tropical and coldwater, so off we went to buy another and came home with a 'Gymnoeophagus Balzania' and we call him Jim !! Fish are particularly difficult to photograph so sorry for the pics , but i think you can see here Angel fish and Parrot fish, Jim was not up for a photo shoot today , he's still settling in :).

see you all tomorrow x x


Sarah said...

Hi Noelle

Just wanted to say - thanks! My house arrived this morning and it's so sweet, I love it! I'm not surprised they were featured as they are lovely.

skippinginthemeadow said...

congratulations Noelle
Your housey looks so sweet on cuteable.
Love the fish :o)

Tabiboo said...

Well done Noelle!

take care,

Nina x

Diane said...

Very well done - and well deserved!! My dad used to keep tropical fish when we were little and I used to love them. My favorites were Angel Fish and Neon Tetra's.
The weather here is still DIRE - but on the radio coming home from work, I heard the weatherman say that the weekend is going to be lovely - so I am pinning all hope on that forecast!! What usually happens is that we get to St Ives and it is unbelievably windy. We struggle to pitch our tent (with the help of other happy campers) and then as soon as its up - the wind stops dead!! x xxx

Julia said...

Hello Noelle!

Tremendously pleased that you came along to my blog, I have just been browsing yours and Im all in love with you little houses! What a talented lady you are - and you live in the dreamiest place in the country!! Lucky you! I am also adding you to my favourites list, as your blog is so delicious!

Love Julia xxx