Saturday, 30 May 2009

Who did you vote for?

I am of course talking about Britains Got Talent! I was at a loss as to who to vote for ,but i think Diversity just did it for me.
My pics today are of a quilt i made for my Sam when he was four or five, he is nine now and still loves it. Imade it as boyish as i could and the backing fabric has trucks, bikes and cars on it. I am sure he will still have it years from now :). I shall take pics of the one i made for my daughter soon. Hope you are all enjoying the weekend and the weather is good for you too, its baking here in St. Ives.

see you Mondayxx


Melanie said...

Diversity were just fab, though I loved Susan Boyle also. xxxx

Diane said...

Hi Noelle, We have just got back from a great week.My daughter was routing for Diversity as she is a street dancer and is in a dance crew herself. We were travelling back in the car and she was getting texts from her friends keeping her up to date with the results!! We had to watch it on iplayer or whatever when we got back, and they were amazing. The lad who is in charge of them is so lovely. Hope the weather keeps up for you. Its roasting hot here. I'm still in my bikini getting the washing dry and sorting the garden out. We tried to find the Gallery, but ended up in a farmyard and got well lost!!

Lyn said...

Oh we were in St Ives on Friday-windy but hot! I loved it and was delighted to find the Cath Kidston shop-joy of joys! We went to see Alfred Wallis at the Tate and the Barbara Hepworh Sculpture garden-its just so lovely in St Ives:-)

Tabiboo said...

Lovely quilt Noelle, the squares and colours are fab.

We have to get to the beach no later than 10am otherwise you have no chance!

Have a lovely week,

Nina x

Julia said...

Lovely quilting, I really like the fact you are making little heirlooms for your family!

Hot in St Ives...Oh the memories that brings back, baking on Porthmeor and then stopping for grilled mackerel at The Sloop :)
We just had the weekend in South Wales visiting family and had a couple of grand days down the beach, playing in rock pools, sand pies, icecreams - ain't Britain lovely when the sun is a-shinin'???!

Sending love
Julia xxx

summerfete said...

The rose was already in the garden when we moved here. I think it is Josephs coat. Its not really my cup of tea some days I love it other days not so much.

Its such a good rose however thats why I've kept it.

It can be grown as a climber as its quite vigorous. Its the first to open and will last now until december.
It starts off yellow/orange and fades to pink.

Hope this helps.

Clare ps. lovely quilt!

Lazylol said...

Oh yes I voted for Diversity.

Mollimoo said...

That quilt is gorgeous! Thank you for commenting & yes, fancy that,eh! It's a small world. Hope you are enjoying the sunshine x

clare's craftroom said...

Love your quilting ,really pretty fabric .