Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Beautiful day!

Its a lovely day in St. Ives again today, the sun is shining ,the boats are bobbing and the seagulls are shouting.The picture above is one i made a couple of years ago, it hangs above our bed. I do sew alot of pictures of the harbour and i like to make them really bright and cheerful. I have been doing applique now for lots of years and i started off sewing tiny , invisible stitches like i was taught to, but now i like to have my stitching on show and i use lots of different colour threads. I think it adds a bit more colour and texture to the picture:)

This is the state of one of my fabric chests, not a pretty sight eh? must have a sort out :(

And finally, just thought i would show you my wooden mermaid i made quite a while ago now, well actually Chris cut her out for me from a template i made then i painted her, she stands on the shelf in the bathroom!! x x x


Lyn said...

I love your applique pictures, and I loved St Ives when we went on holiday a few weeks ago, I am so jealous it must be fab living in such a beautiful place-bet its even better out of season when all us visitors go home!

jane and the happy crow said...

Hi Noelle thank you for visiting my blog. Your is lovely too. I love your quilts, I love your little houses and I love Harry too! He is beautiful, well done on all the prizes. Nice to meet a fellow incomer. How do you find St Ives in the summer, it is one of the places we avoid then as you can never find anywhere to park and there are just too many people? We adore St Ives out of season and visit at least 3 or 4 times a month as you will see from previous posts. We just love all the little cafes and galleries. Hope to hear from you again, are you going to come to the Home spun fair? I am sure you would enjoy it, lots of vintage fabrics and old toys and things. Jane xx

cathleen said...

Lovely mermaid and stichery pic, Noelle. I would love to visit St. Ives someday....or I should say, I would just love to come to England someday!!!!