Tuesday, 16 June 2009


Also put this little 'love cottage' in my shop:) Haven't made it to the beach yet, sewing took over and then housework took over that, grrrr! see ya tomorrow x x x


Lyn said...

Is there no stopping you? they will be calling you Miss Wimpy homes soon!
Love the 'love cottage' by the way.

summerfete said...

I want to see a beach hut!!

summerfete said...

duh sorry I didnt see your previous post!

Diane said...

I would have called it the "LOve Shack"!! You are very very productive. I love the beach huts too - You are a very clever lady. xx

Tabiboo said...

That is soooo adorable - I love the colours!!

Nina x

Julia said...

You must be feeling better as you are making all these gorgeous little houses/huts - Im entranced! I absolutely love them - they have such character and the colours are so eyecatching!

With love
Julia xxx

Yvonne said...

Just come across your blog from Julia's... I love your gorgeous houses and beach huts, the colours are delicious.
Will be popping back often!!
Yvonne x