Sunday, 28 June 2009

In the garden

hey, i grew a cat!!

I couldn't resist this little garden fairy! I need to find a little , little plant to put in her watering can!

My yellow rose, called 'Gold', i am still looking for 'Josephs Coat ' which i saw over at Summerfete

but i haven't found it yet Clare. Maybe i will have a look on tinternet!!

My first Sunflowers this year, oh no i didn't grow these , i bought them. Mine are a long way off yet , i think.


Michela said...

Hi Noelle!
I've just found you through Diane..your little fairy is really gorgeus!
Hope to see soon your sunflowers!

a mermaids purse said...

hello Noelle, love ya blog! thanks for ur sweet message ;0)
especially the wonderful garden u own how beautiful-love the sweet cat sitting in the pot-great pic!

x kazzy x

Tabiboo said...

'Ooohhh' where did you get the cat plant from??

Lovely pic's,

Nina x

Diane said...

I love your new header. My Sunflowers are not out yet and they have suffered snail attack. I love the way cats find the sunniest spots. xxx PS some of the heart shaped rocks may have found their way here from Cornwall!!!

Lyn said...

A cat plant....interesting!
My sunflowers are only 12" tall, long way to go too.

Rubyred said...

Hello, just found you via Tabiboo, and a lovely little blog you have to!Corwall is one of my favourite places, especially St Ives

Rubyred said...

Sorry, I meant Cornwall