Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Is it hot enough for you?

We have had a bit of welcome relief today with a light shower of rain and a bit of cloud. It is alot cooler here today thank goodness, i don't like it too hot. A nice coastal breeze and i am happy! It was not enough to water my garden though so will have to do that later this evening.

This is a work in progress , another St. Ives harbour picture.

And this is the glass vase with the pebbles we collected on Saturdays post. Its sitting on the window sill in the bathroom. Hoping you are all keeping cool, they say its going to get hotter, phew !! x x


Diane said...

Its feeling hot hot hot here at the mo, and its really muggy. Love your new hanging. I have jars of beach finds around the house. Your pebbles look lovely/xxx

Flower Girl said...

Hello Noelle, Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog...now I've just popped over for a peek at yours! I love the St Ives picture. Hot and sticky up here in Yorkshire too! Rebecca x

Lyn said...

Oh so hot.....
I have to say I like Spring or Autumn really-I can't cope with heat! Not often I can say that about British Weather!
Ps St Ives just lends itself to your lovely work, it's beautiful.

Poppy Cottage said...

I really like your hanging. Yes Dorset is really hot and sticky too.

Take care.


Lynne said...

Lovely catching up with you.
The weather is getting hot here again after an earlier thunderstorm.
I thought my profile photo looked so silly on my previous comment (above showing the melted ice cream van) that it really made me change it. Fortunately I took some photos this morning specially to do just that.
I do miss the seaside in this weather especially! You are lucky.

Mollimoo said...

I love the new look on your blog too! I've got a vase filled with pebbles from Gyllyngvase Beach in Falmouth, almost identical. It's a little bit of 'home' for me!
Your designs are lovely!x