Wednesday, 24 June 2009


Its definately summer here in St. Ives,oops i hope i haven't just jinxed it! People everywhere, no parking.Ah i mustn't grumble the weather is great. The best bit of the summer for me is just at the end ,about middle of September when its alot quieter and you can park and walk round town fairly easily and still have nice warm days on the beach.
Things are looking good in the garden today, have a look......

Little ice plant ( i forget what they are called) just about to flower.

Errr little pink daisy type thingey ( i forget this also)

Ahh i know this one, Freesia, hmm did i spell that right?!

Hoping you are all having beautiful weather wherever you are! xxxx


Diane said...

Thanks for the lovely picture - I am stuck at work during the day all this week and the weather is gorgeous!! Your flowers look lovely. I loved your mermaid on yesterdays post. I like the way you decorate your home with inspiration from your surroundings.

Lyn said...

Oh you are making me so jealous, St Ives.....
I should not complain, working in a school means I am home for four or four-thirty and I am surrounded by hills and green and birdsong.

a mermaids purse said...

wow! yes St.Ives is soooo beautiful! ;0)

love ur blog and all ur beautiful creations!...especially the little house and beach hut how sweet! ;0)
glad i came across ur blog its fab!

x kazzy x

Tabiboo said...

My knowledge of flowers is about as good as yours - I walked past a glorious tub of those pink daisy type thingy's just this today and said to myself don't those pink daisy thingys look lovely!!

The other side of the coast is pretty much the same here and we have strange folk dressing up and walking around in Victorian clothes to celebrate Dickins this week as well - roll on folk week.

Nina x