Tuesday, 14 July 2009

And another..

This little boat is rather cute i think! Pink and green with jolly bunting along the sides. It was to go on my Folksy shop but its already sold!!! Plenty more to come. Sorry for the picture the true colours don't show up very well. Its dark and dingey today.

2 of my beach huts to go on Folksy this week, the weather hasn't been really beach weather so i made my own !!!

In fact as i write this, it is absolutely chucking it down . Sam doesn't break up till next Wednesday and i am hoping for some lovely summer, beachy weather for the holidays.
Off to stitch more boats!!!


Gingerbread said...

Oh I love it, I like the colours and detail. The picture still looks good to me even if you think its a little dark. I am not surprised its sold, well done. Julie.C

Diane said...

You'll soon have a flotilla!! They forecast really bad weather for us last weekend, but its not happened (bet Ive put a jinx on it now!!)We have had some lovely hot and sunny days - rain at night, but I dont mind that!. xx

Poppy Cottage said...

I love the boat. Especially the bunting. You'll sell loads.

Take care


Raggy said...

I love the colours, so hot and summery. What an imagination.

Helen said...

Hello Noelle. Thank you for visiting me, and for making yourself known. What a beautiful part of the country you live in. And I love your little houses and boats. I too shall be back to visit you again! Helen.

Flower Girl said...

Mmm...beach huts and boats...one more day until the summer holidays begin...yippee!! All lovely, I'm sure they'll be a sell well for you! Rebecca x

Flower Girl said...

Me again...ooops, a bit of finger (and brain!!) trouble at the end there - "they'll be a sell well" indeed - I was thinking "sell out" and that they would sell well - oh, you get what I mean anyway! Rebecca x

Lyn said...

Thank you for the lovely comment about Bob on my blog. Much apreciated.

Lynne said...

Love the colours on your boat, so cheery. Just what you need on a wet day.