Friday, 3 July 2009

cooling down

Its alot cooler here thank goodness! We had rain and thunderstorms for a while yesterday and its cleared the air. Its still lovely with a few clouds hanging around. We bought fish and chips tonight and took them over to Gwithian Towans.

We checked out the rock pools, Sam climbed the rocks, as usual,and i paddled!!

there are lots of rocks and caves at Gwithian

The tide was coming in, and it was lovely just to walk along in it, nice and cool,not too cold.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend x x


Little Brown Rabbit said...

wow! amazing beach!
I'd love to create some fabric- will have to put it on the to-do-list as something to look into :)
Have a great weekend

Lyn said...

You look like you had it all to yourselves!

Thecraftytrundler said...

What a lovely way to spend an evening!! You are so lucky living where you do!!
Let's hope we have a sunny, cooler weekend!!

Sharon xx

Diane said...

Its no cooler in my world!! What I need is a dip in tthe sea.(and fish & chips!!!!) xxx

jane and the happy crow said...

Ooh Lovely pics! We have never explored Gwithian to its full potential I think as I dont remember seeing any of this! Aren't we lucky to be able to go and cool our tootsies in the sea? Jane xx
PS would you be interested in having a little table at the Home spun Fair as I really love your stuff and we could squeeze you in if you would like? email me from my profile page if you would.