Monday, 27 July 2009


The morning started a bit drab, and then a mighty heavy shower and then sunshine. Yesterday was spent pretty much at home cos it rained all the day. Today i had to do a few errands which meant venturing into town. Unfortunately at this time of year, if you drive down, you have to be there before ten ish or else there is nowhere to park! So its best to walk if you can.

We joined the holidaymakers walking round, taking pictures , looking in all the little galleries and even going and playing in the amusement arcade!!

We don't go down town very much in the summer, prefer to wait till about October.
All these photos were taken this morning, see how the sky is changing, its blue sky again now though! Have a nice week all ! x x


summerfete said...

we have the rain too!
more often than not we have sat on porthmeor in the rain!

Pom Pom said...

What lovely views! Great photos!

Diane said...

Thanks for taking me into town - I really appreciate it. I dont mind the "emmets" !!! (you see I know!!!)

Julia said...

What a gorgeous trip round St Ives, just the tonic - we keep gettting jungle style torrential downpours here and the BBQ etc has been stuffed back in the shed til summer decides to resume...I love how the coast is stunning, whatever the weather!

Love Julia xxx

summerfete said...

you've been tagged

Lyn said...

Your lovely photos remind me of the lovely day we had in St Ives in May, It's warm here but mainly cloudy, but I did get my washing dry!

Hi! My name is erica. Would you be my friend? said...

Wow...what a place to live. (Though I'm not a bustling vacation type person. In fact, we usually go to the beach when most people find it too chilly...on purpose!) ;) I've never seen people leave their boat in the sand on low tide like that!