Sunday, 19 July 2009

Sunday drivers

Today the weather looked a bit iffy again so we jumped in the car and ended up here first of all.

Its Porthcurno, a cove just round the corner from the Minnack Theatre .We walked down to the beach, sat for a while and watched the brave holidaymakers swimming, then it started to rain so we headed back to the car quick smart!

We drove past Lands End and back out through St. Just and stopped here at Cape Cornwall.

Priests cove.

Longships lighthouse in the distance.
We had pasties before we walked up to the top. It was rather windy up there, but the weather had cleared and it was lovely. Blew a few cobwebs away!

The monument on the top of Cape Cornwall is in fact a mine ventilation chimney as there was a tin mine here once. There are lots of old engine houses all around these parts. This one below is one of my favourites and is on the coast road near Zennor. We passed it on the way home.

hope you all had a lovely weekend. Back to the sewing tomorrow. x x

View from the car on the way back to St.Ives along the coast road.


Poppy Cottage said...

Today you havebeen to all my favourite Places. Have you ever read any of the Derek Tangye books?

I am trying to get some things done and finished off as I am going to find out about a job, arts and crafts based. Fingers crossed. Yes, the Wheel is lovely. And I am itching to carry on, but I shall just have to wait!!!!

Lazylol said...

Beautiful - thanks for sharing :)

Tabiboo said...

Beautiful pictures - I love Minnack
we have only visited the once, but is was amazing and the water a breath taking blue.

Have a lovely week,

Nina x

Helen said...

Oh how beautiful is cornwall, you are so lucky to have all that on your door stop. Your blog is fab, you are a very clever seamstress. I will be back!
Helen x

Diane said...

I love the Minnack - we usually go if there is something on that interests us. If not, we go for a look around in the day time - its fascinating. Porthcurno is such a wild and lovely place - thanks for taking me a long in your car. xx

Lynne said...

Lovely to see your area. It's years since I've been down your way. My husband hasn't been at all. I always meant to take him.