Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Busy week so far...

This week so far has been full of trips out to the beach, pitch 'n' putt, pub lunches, shell collecting and even a bit of sewing for me!!

Sam and i found millions of these little shells on Marazion beach, all different colours so we had to bring some home with us!
Chris says this beach at Marazion is good for driftwood so off we went but the tide was on its way in, we will be back. I want him to make me a driftwood clock, he's good at things like that. Tomorrow is blackberry picking hopefully and i know just the place! will show you soon.

'Little Blue Caravan'

'The Roundhouse'
Both finished ready to go on Folksy this week. Hope you are all having a good week x x x x


goldenbird said...

Hi Noelle! May I have permission to post a few pics of your little houses on my blog? I will include a link to your blog, of course :o) I just love your work and want to share it with a few folks. Thank you!

Tabiboo said...

I love those little shells. We have loads of them wash up on our beaches too.

Nina x

ps. did you know that when you burn driftwood it glows blue?? I would only burn the scrap bits though as it is far too beautiful to pile it up on the fire.

N x

Gingerbread said...

You look like you are having a lovely time, I have not collected shells for a long time. Julie.C

Julia said...

Shell seeking and sewing...sounds like bliss to me! Your little caravans and houses are beautiful too!

Julia xxx

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I would love to try to make a little caravan! So cute! The roundhouse is amazing, too!