Friday, 7 August 2009


I noticed over the past few nights how big and low the moon has been , and managed to take a decent photo of it. It was very full and very bright!

Today the sun was out again so off we went for a walk and a picnic, we took the dog of course, and Sam took his bike. We went along the country lanes along side the little stream which the dog loves to play in, sorry for lack of pictures but Sam had my camera in his backpack and kept riding off! There were quite a few blackberries out already, i think its a bit early, but there they were. Most of the ripe ones were out of reach unfortunately, but we did manage a handful!!

This was a nice few over the horses and out to sea, with the lighthouse in the distance.

On the way home, Sams bike chain snapped, so we ended up pushing it all the way home. It will have to wait now till Dad comes home!


Lyn said...

Oh dear, never mind good job it happened on the way home!

Pom Pom said...

Very pretty! What a gorgeous day for an outing!

Tabiboo said...

The moon has been gorgeous this week hasn't it?! Though overcast and raining tonight so no moon watching for us!

Nina x

Pomona said...

That's a beautiful picture of the moon - we had a wonderful low red harvest moon at my little cottage on Saturday - but I'm not very good at night time photos!

Pomona x