Monday, 3 August 2009

Oh, Monday AGAIN!

Blimey , that week went quick. Its still raining here,we did have a nice day yeaterday as soon as the misty rain cleared in the morning. I think it is easing now because Sam has just got his bike out and i can hear lots of children playing outside. It still looks very grey though. Not much done in the sewing department , although i have some to finish for a friends Birthday on Wednesday. She liked my little houses and asked me could i do a little caravan for her!! Well i have given it a go and will show you the results when finished. I did do some baking , because the tins were empty as they so often are!

I have been tagged too, by Clare over at Summerfete, so i have to reach for the nearest book and go to page 161 and post sentence 5, so here goes....... " He glances at the clock as he stumbles through the darkness to the buzzer." The book is a by Jane Green and its a lighthearted story called The Beach House. I bought it thinking it would be nice to read when i'm sitting on the beach with the kids !! ha ha thats a laff, in actual fact i read it when i'm sitting in the house cos its raining!!!! I am tagging Lynne at Bun Mountain cottage , Louise at Thirty Five Flowers , Colette at Poppy Cottage , Julie at Gingerbread and Lucy at Little Blue Door x x x x


Pom Pom said...

I can't wait to see the little caravan! Yum! Cookies!

periwinkle said...

oh isn't the weather just a pain in the butt at the minute -- sun, rain, sun ,rain wish it would make up its mind !!