Friday, 18 September 2009

As i was going to St. Ives.........

......i remembered St Ives Festival is on at the moment so it wouldn't be as quiet as i thought! Do you see the flags out, its all for the Festival which happens every year this time and there is a lot going on, live music from local and international musicians, open art studios and galleries, markets,plays, ooh yeah , its all going on in St. Ives you know!

I walked over to smeatons pier and noticed the lifeboat was coming out to play so i thought i would take some pics for you. The tide was out so the tractor had to tow it down into the sea.

I think they were just on an exercise and not an emergency. Living here i get to see it alot but its still quite nice to watch them go, although it turns my stomach sometimes when the sea's rough. I would be useless i don't do boats very well! We are lucky to have them and i think they're very brave.

There she goes!

I hope you have all had a good week , enjoy your weekend x x


Debra said...

We live in the mountains but only 45 minutes to the coast. i love pics like these and that little boat being towed out to cute...happy weekend :)

Poppy Cottage said...

Thank you for the photo's. I really enjoyed my visit on Tuesday. Hopefully next time I might bump into you.

I hope you too have a lovely weekend.

Colette x

Diane said...

I always love it when you post photos of the town and beaches. I too think every lifeboat man and women deserve a medal. xxx

Pomona said...

I do wish I were there!

Pomona x

goldenbird said...

Nice pics! I love photos of the water and coast, too. (In fact, I just posted some :o)

It's funny, I headed for the beach today, too, but when I arrived discovered they had shut down the streets for some sort of event. I settled for a walk at the lagoon. Anyway, St. Ives looks wonderful and I would love to see it some day.