Monday, 14 September 2009

Shiny, brown conkers

Ooh don't you love conkers, open them up and that lovely shiny, reddy, brown colour is just great. Chris brought these home from work, apparently they were everywhere. So they were strung onto string and played with just like i remember the boys at school doing! I remember my brothers trying allsorts to get them the hardest, baking them , soaking them in vinegar, i'm not sure it worked! So all my conkers have gone, all smashed, what a shame. I,ll get some more!

Ahh i love my new red shoes!

This primula is still flowering long after all my others have finished, i think thats a bit weird don't you? I wonder how long it will last.

And finally, a special mention for Wizz, our baby, who is a year old this month. Isn't he gorgeous, he has the most beautiful blue eyes which the camera doesn't really show. Oh i do love him! And just before i go its not too late to enter my giveaway, winner will be announced on Wednesday, have a great week everyone x


MelMel said...

I love conker time!
Such a warm cosy feeling about it!x

Sarah said...

Hi Noelle
I can't believe it's that time again! Shame schools don't let them play conkers anymore, my boys love them!

Tabiboo said...

Conkers - brilliant.

We pass our local conker tree everyday to see if they have dropped, but alas not yet!

Have a lovely day,

Nina x

Michela said...

Happy birthday to Wizz!
Have a lovely week!

Mummy Boo Bear said...

Ahh yes I remeber a time when I was little and small boys pockets were filled with conkers on bits of grubby string. It's a shame these things get fazed out, conkers seem to go hand in hand with autumn.

your cat is indeed beautiful. He looks like he might be lovely to snuggle up with.


Lyn said...

Oh Wizz iz rather a dish! lovely boy, happy 1st Birthday!

Debra said...

Oh...dorothy...those shoes are just divine....LOL...seriously though..they look real comfy...good choice. Your baby does have beautiful eyes.:)

Linda said...

Your red shoes are adorable, and congratulations to Wizz, on his first birthday. I love Siamese cats; have two myself.

I had to look up 'conkers' in Wikipedia because I wasn't sure what they were (as far as I know, most people in the US don't play the game 'conkers', but it sounds like fun).

Felicity said...

i love your new shoes, and conkers, joshy found two this weekend, i love your cottage from your last post, its really pretty! fliss xx

Diane said...

I love those new shoes - they look very comfy. Conkers are the best colour ever. I used to have a Boots No7 nail polish called shiny conker which I loved. Mr Winnpenny has been in St Ives on today - it looks lovely and sunny. I always look for you in his photo's!!

Pomona said...

Conkers are so lovely and shiny when you pick them, but it doesn't seem to last when they get hidden away in a drawer - one of those things to pick and enjoy in season. My boys are long past playing with them, but I think I might seek some out just to put in a bowl - yours look so lovely!

Pomona x

julieknitsjuliesews said...

This brings back memories playing conkers at school. I must say Wizz looks very handsome with those eyes. best wishes Julie.C