Thursday, 1 October 2009

Back to normal

First of all let me introduce you to Casper, new member of the family,happily sharing a field with Harry! Although thats not Harry in the picture, that is caspers brother before he came to us.

Pictured above is just a few goodies i bought at the creative stitch show last week, it was good but i forgot my camera.duh!

Its been a week since i last posted. Its October and St. Ives is pretty much back to normal, yippee! You can walk around town quite comfortably, you can go on the beach and play and run around and walk without tripping over sunburnt bodies, and best of all you can park, well, sort of! I,m not a misery or anything, its just that i,m not one for the sun really so this time is just fine for me!



Poppy Cottage said...

Hello. Yep West ay is the ame really for me. I can now walk around and see the harbour with out bumping into chip eating grockles!! This new job is fantastic. I get paid to chat to old folk (I love that) and yesterday I took one lady off for a wheel chair push around the Bay. We sat and chatted, looked at the sea and the boats AND I was getting paid for it!!!

Suzy's Vintage Attic said...

Lucky girl living there. I do love Cornwall although the area that I know best is Helford village/river. It must be lovely having the beach all to yourself again. I have never been to St Ives in the winter. Do some shops close during winter?
Enjoy the peace.
Isabelle x

Julia said...

Hello Noelle

Isnt that book just lovely? Do you just want to make everything in it?? I would love to try the puffin and oyster catchers first!

I have just spent at least five minutes looking at your picture of porthmeor, the last one there, and wistfully recalling the last few years when we have been lucky enough to spend a week in October down there. I think its because I lived in a coastal town for a few years myself that I feel the same way, in that I prefer places just out of season, when there is space to roam and breathe.
Enjoy your beautiful little town, I wish we were coming this year but sadly not so I will make do with you beautiful photos!

Love Julia xxx

Pipany said...

Hello Noelle. I do know what you mean baout this time of year in Cornwall. I love the buzz of the summer, but the gentler colours in the autumn landscape are wonderful too x

heidi said...

isnt it just heaven to have the beach to yourself!!

Diane said...

Hope the weather is kind too for you Noelle. I once got sunburn on harbour beach on the 1st of November!! xxx

Lyn said...

Casper! he looks cute, would like to see a photo of them together, have they made friends?
I too would love St Ives in October, you still have the odd nice autumn day and yet the place is less crowded.

julieknitsjuliesews said...

Lovely pictures, makes me wish I was there too. I think they have great beaches too. Thanks for shairing. Julie.C