Saturday, 10 October 2009

Its a beautiful day!

Lucky me, i received yesterday a beautiful parcel from the lovely Heidi over at snowdrop cottage. Lovely cards and gift tags made by Heidi all wrapped up in a bundle with string and a little shell, put in a pretty little fabric bag and all sprinkled with lovely smelling lavender!!
Can you see the little bits of lavender, i collected most of it up and put it along with the shell in my shell bowl! Thank you Heidi soooo much, i love it!

We had to do a bit of shopping in Penzance today so i took a few pics while i was there seeing as it was such a beautiful day. We wandered around the harbour while eating pasties.

Then we had a quick nip to Longrock Beach, not too many people about.

See the sun sparkling on the sea, i love that!

Have a great weekend all x x x x


goldenbird said...

I love that picture of the sun sparkling on the water, it's so pretty and so inviting. What a nice package you received from Heidi. I like her cards, they gave me some ideas for making my own. Hope you're enjoying your weekend, Noelle!


Diane said...

Brilliant photo's Noelle - Thanks for taking me to Penzance. Its our "rainy day" place when we are in Cornwall, so its great to see it with a bit of sunshine on it!! Hope the nice weather continues! xxxx

Poppy Cottage said...

You always make your part of Cornwall so attractive. (which it is anyway!)

Struggling through Bridport, full of people today I decided that it is still a place to avoid until at least November!!

Hope you have a nice Sunday.


heidi said...

hi noelle,
i wish i was walking around penzance eating a pastie,breathing in the sea air & enjoying the wonderful scenery!!
lovely pics!
glad you were pleased with your parcel.
hugs heidi. x

julieknitsjuliesews said...

What a lovely gift for you, I love lavendar. Thanks for sharing the pictures, its nice when you have most of the beach to yourself. best wishes Julie.C

Pipany said...

It's been amazing light on the sea hasn't it? Took the girls down to the beach at Falmouth after school and nearly melted from the heat! x