Sunday, 25 October 2009

A little piece of art

I have been beading for a change . I used to do alot a few years ago, i showed you in the previous post some of my brooches. I came up with this brooch, using different size beads and the odd button, oh and some felt beads i made! I think i shall make some smaller ones this one measures 3.5"x2.5" and took quite some time to make and has hundreds of beads on it, i do rather like it though!

Dragonfly Garden.


Lyn said...

That is beautiful, it reminds me of those victorian shell pictures, Some tomes it's good to do something different!

goldenbird said...

The beaded brooch is vey pretty, Noelle. I like the felted bead and have always wanted to try making those.

heidi said...

Noelle thats lovely!
there is something magical about dragonflies,the colours are great too.
you must have the patients of a saint!! xx

Poppy Cottage said...

Hi. That is so lovely, so much detail.

Hope you have a lovely week.


BERTIE x said...

Noelle that really is a little piece of art, it's beautiful.
Bertie x

dottydaisies said...

wow that must have taken ages !!! its really pretty will make a reaaly special gift for someone x

wonderwoman said...

that is just gorgeous!

Julies knitting corner said...

I think these are really nice designs, and make a great gift. Lovely detail as always. Julie.C

Lynne said...

I haven't done any beading other than using them in my sewing. I am tempted but I'm worried that it might take over my other crafts. I'm a bit of a Magpie so it does appeal to me I must admit. Your brooches are lovely. My favourite is the dragonfly one.

Karens Hopes said...

I love your beaded brooch,such a lot of work has gone into it. I've just found your blog and will visit often.