Wednesday, 11 November 2009

I,m still here!

I have been away from the computer for a while, well i have been checking in to read your blogs now and again. Chris had two weeks off work so we did a bit of decorating. Evenings were taken up with work. Now i am pretty much back to normal, but i have lots of sewing and beading to do as i have a craft fair coming up at the end of the month! I have been making some Robins that i made last year and some gingerbread men. We,ve had some very windy and wet weather just lately and my garden is looking a bit of a mess, a bit battered, so i must try and do something with that too. I actually put my heating on for the first time last week, its gone quite cold. Bonfire night was pretty uneventful as the weather was a bit windy, Sam actually isn,t that keen really on Fireworks. Nowadays there don,t seem to be many Bonfires, just fireworks. When i was little everyone used to take their wood and stuff to the local community centre and build the most enormous bonfire then we would all go and stand around it with hot potatoes, hot dogs, treacle toffee , light the bonfire with the guy on the top then watch the fireworks and it was just great! Quite a few years ago now there used to be a big bonfire on Porthmeor Beach and everyone used to go , it was fab, take a flask with you and sit on the beach by the fire, but sadly its not allowed anymore. Thats Health and Safety for you i s'pose. Anyway back to the sewing!!!!

Have a great week everyone x x x


Julia said...

Your decorations are super-duper-cute! I love them!! Im actually in the process of a few gingerbread men myself at the moment, and am halfway through another crochet robin which Im not altogether sure of...a WIP I think! :)

The Porthmeor bonfire must have been a treat!! What a shame these things get stopped, rather a shame I think. Enjoy your sewing, hope you manage to get everything ready for your fair!

Love Julia xxx

Diane said...

Your decs look lovely Noelle - great to have you back!!

heidi said...

Hello my lovely!
Bless the little robin is so sweet,they are my favourite dicky bird!! They come to watch us all at this time of year to see if we are being good or bad & then go & report back to you know who!!
Its my turn to recieve a parcel through the post,i won mollimoo's prize i am so chuffed!! xx

wonderwoman said...

your decorations look lovely, the robin is sooo cute!


Lyn said...

Hello, welcome back! love the little fat robin, he's a cutie.

Julies knitting corner said...

The gingerbread men are fun but I love the robin its so sweet, ideal for decorations. Could I ask you, if you want to be involved in a craft fair do you need to be an established designer? best wishes Julie.C

jane and the happy crow said...

If you buy a boat let us know! It must have been lovely with you today with all that wind and rain did you get big waves? Where is your craft fair? I would love to come along if I can and meet you and see all your gorgeous little cottages and things. Your pumpkin carving is amazing, puts Our jacko lantern in the shade! Jane xxx
PS my verification was ARKIN think we might need to be in one if this rain carrys on!

Tabiboo said...

Health and Safety - boo, hoo! I fear it is the same here too as no bonfire on the beach either.

Love the gingerbread man and robin,

Nina x

Lynne said...

Hi glad to see you back Noelle, I've missed you.
The Gingerbread men and Robins look great. Will you show more of what you are making? I hope you do well at the craft fair, you certainly deserve to.
There was an enormous bonfire here in the village last night. We just happened on it whilst walking the Hounds. I thought it was happening the previous evening and had missed it. No toffee apples or treacle toffee though.
Have a great weekend.