Sunday, 29 November 2009

Rain,rain go away

There is no let up with this weather yet! Just look at that sky. Sam and i took a drive around today after walking the dog and getting soaked! The waves were coming up over on to the front in town which is great fun if youre walking along there!! Took these pics at Porthmeor, it was quite stormy, the waves were great, no surfers surprisingly!!!


Diane said...

St Ives still looks beautiful in a storm - unless you are sat in a tent of course!!! Lets hope that the rain goes soon. We had snow around these parts yesterday!! None here, but they had some 20 miles away in the foothills of the Pennines!!! Thanks for my StIves "fix" much needed on days like this. xxx

summerfete said...


Sarah said...

What great photo's Noelle! not so good if you're in the middle of the storm though!

heidi said...

Hi noelle,
I love cornwall when its wild like that,there is so much atmosphere!! Walking along with the wind in your face & that lovley warm glowing feeling when you get inside in the warm! x

Mummy Boo Bear said...

Although I am sure in reality very cold, those pictures do look amazing though! Thats the wonder of Cornwall I think.

Thanks for the Cornwall fix and sea fix.


wonderwoman said...

those pictures certainly sum up our weather at the moment!!!


Julia said...


You dear soul, even your stormy scenes make me happy - doesnt it look wonderful all wild and amazing like that?!!
Thank you for the pictures, they are brilliant!

Love Julia xxx

goldenbird said...

I love the sound of crashing waves! Your pictures are beautiful but it looks c-c-c-old there! Hope things settle down soon. It's funny, I'm praying for rain out here! It's treat when it comes around because we get it so rarely.

Pipany said...

Such a festive name you have! Gorgeous pictures of our Cornish seas. I must get to St Ives as I am so overdue a visit x