Saturday, 12 December 2009

I can't believe it!

Just check this weather out, After all our rain, 51 days of it, this was today. We took Jodie for a walk up Rosewall hill, just outside of St. Ives. There is a hill either side of the road. On the seaward side the hill is smaller, we went up that one today. The views are just glorious. The hill the other side is twice as good, it is higher and you can see all around and right over to St. Michaels mount. We chose the smaller one because it was freezing cold and rather windy. I love it up there and take Jodie up alot. There are cows roaming on one hill and Dartmoor ponies on the other, although we didnt meet them today.

Hope you are all having a great weekend and your weather is just as good!


heidi said...

Looks glorious noelle,i could do with some cornish air!! x

Demi Lu said...

I like your blog!, CONGRATULATIONS!


wonderwoman said...

lovely pics - we didn't have much sunshine but at least its stopped raining!!!


Julia said...

Noelle, I love your photographs, we have lovely sunny weather today but not that magnificent view!

Thank you for sharing, just gorgeous!

Julia xxx

andamento said...

Fabulous views, looks almost like summer!

Diane said...

I accidently clicked on the last photo - which enlarged it, and it took my breath away. Simply stunning. It should be the law that the sky should always be that blue - especially in St Ives. 51 days of rain!!!!!!!! Hope you and your brood have a great Christmas Noelle. xxxx

Julies knitting corner said...

Lovely pictures Noelle, you have a wonderful place to walk. We are having a nice weekend too its quite cold but the sun has been out. Julie.C