Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Tea anyone!

A new hanging, not quite finished, got to do the hangie bit. I used my own cupcake buttons on this one.Then i thought i would make some scones and have a proper Cornish cream tea!
Now how do you like yours ? Some say cream first and others say jam first, I say i don't really care cause i'm gonna scoff the lot anyway!!!!

Hope you all had a lovely weekend x x

Friday, 27 March 2009

My desk this morning....

I thought how nice my buttons looked all together, this was before i had a tidy up.

I have been making some smaller hangings that i can use my buttons on can you see the little beach hut there?

here it is closer.

I've used a little boat button on the roof , a yellow spotty one on the door and 2 red ones in the top corners. I like to do seasidey sewing as you may know, Ithink it has something to do with living here!! I haven't always lived in cornwall, i came down from Woodford in Cheshire with my parents when i was about 18, i'm 42 now so its quite a while. I sometimes think that my children don't appreciate living by the sea as much as me because they have never lived anywhere else. I do drive them mad sometimes when we drive the main road into St. Ives and i always say 'just look at that view, don't you just love it here' !! The response is usually 'yeah right mum' !

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

lovely weather again!


Buster Cake!

Here in Cornwall the sun continues to shine, although today was a tad chilly! The cats sought sunny spots in the garden, i had to boot one off the newly planted peas!! I spent a bit of time in the garden but it got a bit windy so went in to make a chocolate cake , you're going to think i am really weird but i don't like chocolate! Ever since i had my daughter 17 years ago when all through the pregnancy i ate crunchie bars and got rather larger than i should of!!! Never liked chocolate since !Everyone else here does though so this cake wont last long! Did do some sewing today but nothing to show just yet ! Off to work soon so catch you tomorrow! xx

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

buttons galore!

I have been busy making lots of buttons, ideal for crafts and embellishments. gonna make something to use some of them on , ooh i feel a new hanging coming on! I had a lovely weekend spent with family and had a few plants for the garden bought for me for Mothers day and this beautiful bright orange Gerbera, i love it. Notice the cat plant holder, well, it was my cookie jar but the lid got broken and i thought ooh i could put a plant in that! so there it sits on my kitchen windowsill home for this lovely plant.

This is the new cookie jar!! Its huge, big enough for loads of biccies!!

I hope all you lovely mothers had a great day on Sunday!


Sunday, 22 March 2009

just a quickie!

this is just a quickie to thank diane from heartshaped for my award,i was so excited! My photos from the garden i promised haven't come out very well so i will try again . Now i am off to make some more buttons and watch the skating final! Iwill see you all tomorrow. xx p.s i would like to give this award to everyone who has commented on my blog, thankyou one and all!! xx

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

hey, its been nearly a week!!!

oh my goodness, how time flies when you're having fun! I have been rather busy out in the garden ,what with all this beautiful weather. I have been out with a friend searching for another good garden centre and we found one , just near Helston. Lots of lovely stuff to be found there. Unfortunately i forgot to take my camera, but i shall be going back i'm sure.

I was looking for a nice button for my bag , and i thought ' why don't i have a go at making my own', need a bit more practise! They are made from polymer clay, the red ones are glittery but you can't see that in the photo. My mum , who passed away last year was a bit of a dab hand at calligraphy and she did this for me several years ago. Its been sitting on the landing windowsill and now i am going to put it up in my new sewing room, the perfect place yes? she would be so pleased! i will be back tomorrow with pics from the garden. xx

Thursday, 12 March 2009

What have i been doing....

well, i've been sorting out my new sewing room. It desperately needs painting, its blue at the minute and i think i will do it a cream kind of colour! It needs to be neutral and calming yes? I have so much stuff , books magazines, boxes full of buttons,ribbons, bits and pieces not to mention all my fabric which is in two vintage pine boxes one in the front room and one in the hall. I will have to sort through it all and try and store it in my new room, hhhmmm someday!

Idid a bit of my knitting, did i tell you i was knitting a bag, i've done the main piece and am now doing the strap.Then i have to line it and find a lovely big button for the front and then i thought i would make some of lucy's flowers to stitch on the front! I will show you when i eventually finish it. Iwent to the farm shop and bought some lovely daffs and some gorgeous anenomies i just love those. Ihave got some anenome bulbs i must plant out as well, ooh so much to do !!

i could have just gone to this field and picked my own really. There are so many of these daffodil fields down here in cornwall, so there is no mistaking spring is on its way! Once the daffs have opened they don't pick them cos its too late then, so we get to see them blooming in the fields, nice eh! xx

Wednesday, 11 March 2009


We went over to Godrevy lighthouse,which is in Hayle , about 10 or 15 mins away in the next town. We can see the lighthouse from where we live in St.Ives , but we like to go over there quite often. There are some lovely cliff walks over there and we especially like to visit these guys!!

No, they are not rocks on the beach, they are seals! They always come to this little cove, they come in on the tide ,sleep in the sun till the tide comes back and takes them out again. There must be seventy or more there. Aren't they great!

Back tomorrow with some crafty stuff! xx

Monday, 9 March 2009

the weekend.....

we made pasties
we made cookies

and i have nearly finished the new hanging! We did a lot of furniture moving aswell. My daughter has moved out and so i have gained a sewing room!!!!!!! at last , somewhere to put all my stuff instead of it all cluttering up the hallway and the kitchen!! Everything is in the room but i will have to move it all again so that i can paint it, huh never thought of that!! Oh, the pasties were photographed before they went in the oven if you thought they looked a bit pale!! And they didnt hang around long enough when they were done !! ok back to do a bit more sewing. x

Friday, 6 March 2009

hello campers!!

Hey, here is a little treat for you ayr campers maybe we will all get to meet sometime!! new St.Ives hanging to be finished this weekend hopefully!! watch this space!

Thursday, 5 March 2009

ahhhh or errrrr !

See this little fella, well him and his mates are quite a thing here in St. Ives. Some people hate them and some people quite like them really. I quite like them actually and it wouldn't be the same without them. In the summer they seem to go on a bit of a rampage and they flock into town to wait for the unsuspecting holidaymaker to buy their fish and chips, pastie or ice cream and then they pounce, and they can be quite nasty sometimes. There have been many complaints about them. We have signs up in the town asking people not to feed them, but they do, so really you can't blame them. The seaside wouldn't be the same without the seagulls, well i think so anyway. I think this one might be the subject of my next quilted picture! I've called him Gulliver!!!! xx

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

out and about

it has been such lovely weather over the weekend we have been out and about quite a bit yesterday we went to mousehole (pronounced mouze-ul) a lovely liitle fishing village not far from us about 20 mins in the car. It looks alot like St.Ives ,but smaller and not as many shops. There are some nice little galleries and cafes and a little harbour where they can shut the gates too keep the stormy seas out, check out the pics. hope you all had a great weekend! x