Saturday, 30 May 2009

Who did you vote for?

I am of course talking about Britains Got Talent! I was at a loss as to who to vote for ,but i think Diversity just did it for me.
My pics today are of a quilt i made for my Sam when he was four or five, he is nine now and still loves it. Imade it as boyish as i could and the backing fabric has trucks, bikes and cars on it. I am sure he will still have it years from now :). I shall take pics of the one i made for my daughter soon. Hope you are all enjoying the weekend and the weather is good for you too, its baking here in St. Ives.

see you Mondayxx

Friday, 29 May 2009

beautiful day

Well today is just lovely, but just a bit windy. I think if it wasn't breezy it would be too hot! for me anyway:) . Spent this morning up the field and this afternoon pottering in the garden. The weeds are flourishing! There always seems to be so much to do, doesn't there? The weekend is supposed to be glorious i think for everyone so that will be nice. I think i will dust down the barbecue . I have alot of weeding to do, i have let it get a bit out of hand ,but i am off over the weekend so i can set to and weed,weed, weed ! We may nip to the beach early, but we try to avoid town and the town beaches from about now to september due to the mass of people that come to St. Ives for the summer.

so many daisies on the lawn, seems a shame to cut it!

There is Eric sitting among the weeds!

The Well and the Twisted Willow Tree

Have a lovely weekend everyone, hope the weather is great for you all:)

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Didn't he do well!

Two First rosettes and a qualifier
Having a rest!

We went to Newbridge Horse Show with Harry and he did really well. First in the Mountain and Moorland class and First in the Shetland class! Yippeeeeee. I only remembered to take a photo of him when he had finished in all the excitement, but there was a lady there taking photos and she then sells them from her website so i shall get some from her and show you but i have this one of his prizes, a shield and a cup and the rosettes. We were so pleased with him as he's only a baby still.

Thursday, 21 May 2009


This is where i went this afternoon. Its a new gallery only been open for a month, showcasing locally produced Art and Craft and i am so excited that they have taken some of my hangings and houses. So there you have it. Sorry the photo is too good not very good light.
Got a busy weekend ahead and also Monday is our first show this year for Harry, so Sunday will be spent bathing and pampering.All good fun!

Just a quickie!

Today i am off to an art and craft gallery , they want me to display some of my hangings and little houses! oooh how exciting. Will post again later and tell you all about it:)

Little Sunflower House

Little Windmill

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Looking forward to summer

Isn't summer a long time coming , or is it just me! so i thought i would cheer myself up and maybe you too, with some summery pics. Although i think the lighthouse one was taken not long ago, i remember being over at Godrevy and thinking apart from the cold you would think it was summer. Hmm not sure that makes sense , but i know what i mean!

Quite often in the summer Sam and i go down to the harbour beach and wander amongst the boats and paddle and stuff. Sam never seems to mind the cold of the sea, they don't when their young do they? And me there thinking its so cold my feet ache, i think i'm getting old :(

I'm ready now for the sun i think. Happy days!

Monday, 18 May 2009

Very Fishy

I'm so excited, one of my 'little houses' is featured on Cuteable today!
I hope everyone had a good weekend . The weather here wasn't up to much really . We didn't really do a great deal. Oh we went to the fish shop, Chris keeps fish,lots of fish, in fact 3 tanks of fish! Tropical and coldwater, so off we went to buy another and came home with a 'Gymnoeophagus Balzania' and we call him Jim !! Fish are particularly difficult to photograph so sorry for the pics , but i think you can see here Angel fish and Parrot fish, Jim was not up for a photo shoot today , he's still settling in :).

see you all tomorrow x x

Friday, 15 May 2009

Its Friday..

Already! another week slipped past so quick i hardly noticed. Its been rain here for the morning and then the sun shone for most of the afternoon . They say rain for the weekend too, lets hope they are wrong hey!

This is the view of the island from Tregenna Castle, one of the big hotels in St. Ives

Been working hard on my 'little houses' and they have been quite popular, have got plenty more lined up to go on Folksey. Harry is looking well , he had a day off from his training today, don't want him to get fed up and plus it was p---ing down!

Another of my 'little houses'

Hope you all have a lovely weekend :) x x x x

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Horse play!

Well i have been very busy. Sewing, more sewing and horse training!! Trying to get Harry in good condition and going well for the show season, he does look rather lovely. We won alot last year and hopefully will do again this year. First show for us is next month.

Am still making little houses and have put some in my Folksy shop along with my Beach hut hanging, had another 2 done ,but sold those before i had chance to put them in the shop!!

I am on holiday from work this week, and quite frankly i don't know how i ever fitted it in !!There seems to be so much to do. This is my daily timetable roughly.... 7am get up, breakfast,household chores,8.30 school run,8.45 horsey duties, 11 home to do any chores left and do some sewing,3.00 school run, sort out dinner,dog walking,5.00 dinner, homework duties, more household chores, 8.30 young person bedtime, 9.00 sewing till about midnight then BED!

These two below have got it sussed i think !

A bit of an animal post today isn't it. Hope you are all having a good week !

Sunday, 10 May 2009

Nearly a week!

Gosh where does the time go. I can't believe i haven't posted anything for almost a week! I wasn't well last week and just couldn't be bothered to do very much really. Although i did make some more little houses. Its becoming almost an obsession really, i keep thinking of new ideas, town houses, country cottages, all different colours i am having great fun . Here is a sneak peek !

I will be putting some on Folksy this week.

This is my gerbera that sits on my kitchen windowsill it never fails to cheer me up, such a bright orange and orange is my favorite colour! My daughter bought me that for Mothers day.

This is the first of my Gazanias to come out in the garden , i love these to. This is such a nice stripey one. I have them in different colours. Will show you more when they come out!

Will be back tomorrow as normal, hopefully. Hope you are all having a lovely weekend, the weather here today is lovely! Hope it is where you are too. x x

Monday, 4 May 2009

Happy Monday

We wandered down into the town today to watch the May Day procession and guess what, i forgot my camera!! Oh well, it was good as always and the weather kept fine for it. When i got home i took some pics of some 'little houses' i have been making . They are both not quite finished. I think when they are, i shall put them in my folksy shop.

The house above has a little tree on the corner, its a palm tree cos its a cornish house!

Off to make Lasagne and garlic bread for later! xxxx

Friday, 1 May 2009

And the winner is........

The hat!

The names......

The names in the hat.......

My little helper......

Its Poppy Cottage, well done Colette!

Have a lovely weekend everyone xxx

Ah! There's the sun!

Yesterday afternoon the sun started to come out and by the evening it was quite lovely, so we went down to walk around the island. I love it here.

For those of you who don't know St.Ives , above pic is the island from Porthmeor Beach

On the island looking over towards Hayle across Porthgwidden Beach.

Sam ,his dad, and you can just see a black blob, that is Jodie the dog down on the rocks at the back of the island

St. Nicholas chapel right on the top of the island.

Looking out towards Godrevy(you can just see the white lighthouse in the distance, to the left.)The white building sticking up is the coastguards lookout.

A perfect end to the day , don't you think!

Oh, i haven't forgotten the giveaway . I shall be back later on to declare a winner!!