Monday, 24 August 2009

fairy tale cottages

Rose Cottage pictured above is one of my new little houses, its my smallest one at just 3"x2.5" .
While browsing the internet for inspiration for my little houses i came across these ! oh my, they are just brilliant, i could live in one of those! I want to go there just to see. A chap called Hugh Compton built the first one in 1924 for his wife who made rag dolls, she wanted somewhere to display them! Then it seems everyone wanted one of these amazing little houses and now there is a whole village, i can't believe it, i so want one. They are in a place called Carmel-by-the-sea in California. I have been inspired, so my next little house will be a fairy tale cottage, in fact work is already underway! It is bigger than my usual ones but unfortunately not quite big enough to live in !!

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Blackberries and a fishermans cottage

Today we walked up Rosewall Hill, one of my favourite places. We picked blackberries, and just admired the view!

From Rosewall you can see St Ives down there and the other side you can see St Michaels Mount.

I had alot more blackberries when i had finished, and we took them home and after tea we had backberry and apple crumble with custard....hmmmm my fave!

These are two of my latest 'little houses' i haven't thought of a name for this one yet but the one below is my cornish fishermans cottage complete with bouys hanging at the door!

Hope you are all having a good week!
Be Happy x x x

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Busy week so far...

This week so far has been full of trips out to the beach, pitch 'n' putt, pub lunches, shell collecting and even a bit of sewing for me!!

Sam and i found millions of these little shells on Marazion beach, all different colours so we had to bring some home with us!
Chris says this beach at Marazion is good for driftwood so off we went but the tide was on its way in, we will be back. I want him to make me a driftwood clock, he's good at things like that. Tomorrow is blackberry picking hopefully and i know just the place! will show you soon.

'Little Blue Caravan'

'The Roundhouse'
Both finished ready to go on Folksy this week. Hope you are all having a good week x x x x

Monday, 10 August 2009


Saturday was a beautiful day here in St ives, so in the evening we had a small barbecue , the first one this year actually. I made some Jamie Oliver burgers which were huge but lovely, we also had Tiger Prawns in garlic butter wrapped in little tin foil parcels and bunged on the fire, sausages, salady bits, baked potatoes. Did remember to take a pic of the burgers before they were cooked but not the rest cos i was too busy eating!!!!

Today was a drizzly day so this afternoon i made Pasties, the smell in the kitchen all afternoon while they were cooking was just devine! I love Pasties

My Friend was delighted with her little caravan, so i think i will make some more of those to put in my shop. Just in the middle of making a little Round House, will show you soon! Hope you all have a great week, aren't we about half way through the holidays already, blimey where did that go !!! see ya x x x

Friday, 7 August 2009


I noticed over the past few nights how big and low the moon has been , and managed to take a decent photo of it. It was very full and very bright!

Today the sun was out again so off we went for a walk and a picnic, we took the dog of course, and Sam took his bike. We went along the country lanes along side the little stream which the dog loves to play in, sorry for lack of pictures but Sam had my camera in his backpack and kept riding off! There were quite a few blackberries out already, i think its a bit early, but there they were. Most of the ripe ones were out of reach unfortunately, but we did manage a handful!!

This was a nice few over the horses and out to sea, with the lighthouse in the distance.

On the way home, Sams bike chain snapped, so we ended up pushing it all the way home. It will have to wait now till Dad comes home!

Tuesday, 4 August 2009


Well, here is my finished little caravan all ready to go to its new home. It has flower pots at the door, i don't know how many real caravans have such things, oh well i thought it would make it look a bit more cheery. If i had a caravan , i would want flowers at the door !! It is for my friend who has a caravan and they go off all over the place in it. I also made her this corsage below.

Hope you are all having a good week and the rain has stopped. It has here although there are still threatening grey clouds everywhere. x x x

Monday, 3 August 2009

Oh, Monday AGAIN!

Blimey , that week went quick. Its still raining here,we did have a nice day yeaterday as soon as the misty rain cleared in the morning. I think it is easing now because Sam has just got his bike out and i can hear lots of children playing outside. It still looks very grey though. Not much done in the sewing department , although i have some to finish for a friends Birthday on Wednesday. She liked my little houses and asked me could i do a little caravan for her!! Well i have given it a go and will show you the results when finished. I did do some baking , because the tins were empty as they so often are!

I have been tagged too, by Clare over at Summerfete, so i have to reach for the nearest book and go to page 161 and post sentence 5, so here goes....... " He glances at the clock as he stumbles through the darkness to the buzzer." The book is a by Jane Green and its a lighthearted story called The Beach House. I bought it thinking it would be nice to read when i'm sitting on the beach with the kids !! ha ha thats a laff, in actual fact i read it when i'm sitting in the house cos its raining!!!! I am tagging Lynne at Bun Mountain cottage , Louise at Thirty Five Flowers , Colette at Poppy Cottage , Julie at Gingerbread and Lucy at Little Blue Door x x x x