Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Happy New Year at last

Hi everyone,sorry i haven,t posted before now but the computer has been playing up and also i have no photos to show because the camera has been playing up too!!! well thats a good start to the year huh! I have been reading all your blogs and seen all the snow and even commented on several saying its not fair we have no snow at all, and then lo and behold last night we had snow, and quite a bit too! But its nearly all gone now. Sam is delighted because they have closed the school for two days . We went up to the horses field this morning and built a snowman , alas i have no pictures. The ponies are cosy in their rugs and they have plenty of hay.

So, a new year and some new projects i think, i shall still be making my little houses and cats and have just made some lovely little bunnies which i can show you just as soon as the camera will behave. I had plenty of books for Christmas and some i bought myself, so lots of reading and inspiration there! You all seem to have had a lovely time over the holidays, we did too it was all great. The decs are all down , i,m afraid i couldn,t wait till the fifth night and they all went back in the loft last saturday! Well lots to be done ,catch you all soon x x x By the way , the picture above was taken last year!


Diane said...

Happy New Year Noelle - its still very very snowy here too!! Looking forward to seeing the bunnies. xxxx

Lyn said...

I can't do with out my camera! looking forward to seeing the bunnies.
Happy New Year to you and your family.

louise35flower said...

Happy New Year Noelle!
Our decorations came down early too, I love the way it makes my house bigger when they've gone!

heidi said...

Happy new year noelle. xx

wonderwoman said...

a very happy new year to you too!! there is a surprise for you on my blog!!!


Julia said...

Happy New Year lovely Noelle!

St Ives had snow!! How fabulous! We have a ridiculous amount and its quite tedious now, but pretty :)

Im glad to read you had a lovely Christmas, like you too though, we took our tree down last Saturday and it was vry pleasant to get the house back to normal.

Sending love - and Ive put the titles of the biz books up on my post today!

Julia xxx

Julies knitting corner said...

Happy New Year Noelle. Hope you and your family are staying nice and warm, I look forward to seeing your new projects. I am just in the middle of making a new pincushion, I have been doing my cross stitching for a change aswell. best wishes Julie.C

jane and the happy crow said...

hi Noelle, Happy New Year to you too. I am looking forward to seeing your new work especially the bunnies! Keep an eye on the Homespun blog as we will be posting about a new fair at Easter once we can confirm the booking of the hall. I hope that you will be interested in having a stand at this one? Snow in St Ives must be lovley, wish we could get out and travel round a bit! Did manage to get to the beach the other day, first time I had ever seen snow on a beach. Jane xx

sarah-jane down the lane said...

Hello Noelle!
Happy New Year to you! lovely lovely Mousehole lights one of my very favourite things to see at Christmas, or should I saw Tom Bawcock's Eve!
My Mum ended up staying in St.Ives for Christmas and just loved it!I was down South off the Helford River, so good to be back in the Republic of St.Pirin

Looking forward to those bunnies,

Sarah x

goldenbird said...

Happy New Year, Noelle. Wishing you all the best for 2010. And looking forward to seeing the new bunnies ...

Pomona said...

Happy new year - look forward to seeing what you make this year!

Pomona x

Pipany said...

Happy New Year Noelle. Snow almost gone over here in Penryn, but more later apparently. Nice to see the grass again x

Lynne said...

Happy New Year Noelle, sorry I don't seem to have said that to you already. Have a great year.
My commiserations to you re your computer and camera, I have had experience of them breaking down or not working properly and I feel lost without them.
I look forward to your forthcoming projects.
Have you no snow now?