Friday, 29 January 2010

A little sign of spring!

Hope you all have a happy weekend! xxxx


Julia said...

What pretty daffodils, I just swoon a how many shades of yellow there are in these delightful little gems that sing of approaching springtime..!

Your new additions to your shop are also marvellous! Such detail, you are very imaginative and clever!!

Much love, happy weekend to you
Julia x x x

Sarah said...

Oh, definately. They have bought a welcome cheer - especially as it's just started snowing here!

heidi said...

I can smell them from here noelle,are they cornish daffs?!
Have a lovely weekend. x

wonderwoman said...

what lovely daffs - it does me you feel happier when you see such lovely colours.


skippinginthemeadow said...

Perfect! They bring so much Cheer :o)



elsy said...

you lucky thing to have time on that beach....lovely little houses by the way