Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Time flies

I am still here,very busy ,but here! With the half term and friends down to stay i haven't had chance to do much of my own stuff. But now peace reigns again, had a good clear up yesterday and took a few pics of things i like around at the moment. The Hyacinths of course smell wonderful, and this heart, my friend bought for me, you put a tealight in and i rather like it!

And what the heck is this ,i hear you cry, well i thought of Diane cos i failed to take a picture of a beautiful heartshaped cloud for her, so whilst making a cottage pie this afternoon i came across this heartshaped potato.........

Have a happy week everyone, some new houses to show you soon!!


heidi said...

Hi noelle,
I was only thinking about you yesterday & wondering when you would blog next?!! I have had a hyacinth just like yours & it has had the most lovely scent. xx

Lynne said...

Aren't hyacinth's lovely? The heart tealight holder looks rather nice.

Sarah said...

Hi Noelle
Great to hear from you again! I love hyacinth's too, but mine haven't had much fragrance unfortunately.
Love the potato!

wonderwoman said...

Nice to have you back - love the heart!


Thecraftytrundler said...

I cant resist hyacinths, they smell gorgeous! I don't usually have plants in the house, as I forget them & they die : (
I love candles, and use loads of the Yankee candle wax tarts, they smell lovely too!!
Like the potato, and look forward to seeing more of your pretty houses!!

Take care : )

Sharon xx

Diane said...

I love the way that you think about me when you see something heart shaped - Perhaps you should sprout and plant the potato - it would be like growing "love"!! Thanks so much Noelle. xxxxxx PS Batten down the hatches, I hear you have a storm coming your way. xxxx

Julies knitting corner said...

Hi Noelle, I know time runs away with us not enough hours in the day is their. I have a giveaway over at my blog, your very welcome too join. best wishes Julie.C

Claire said...

Cooee from "Downunder" Noelle, I have just discovered your blog and your little houses are so cute.
I imagine you have alot of inspiration around you living in Cornwall.
Love Hyacinths too, but as we are just finishing our summer here, I shall have to wait a little bit longer before I can even think about planting them.