Sunday, 28 February 2010

Sunday walk

We were expecting a wet day indoors, doing indoor activities today. They said we were going to have a storm, heavy rain and gale force winds! But we woke to an almost spring like day, i think the storm must have just missed us! So we made the most of it and went for a walk, well Sam and i did everyone else was working.

We walked through the grounds of Tregenna Castle, through the woods and found this handsome chap, my other half works at Tregenna and he told me that years ago they had to chop this tree down and they invited a real Indian over to carve what was left, isn't he great! You can't see in the photo but he has real feathers sticking out of his head!

Further down the stream, there were loads of snowdrops.

We were looking for the waterfall which looks lovely with tree ferns either side but when we got there my camera ran out of battery! And that was what i was going to show you so i shall have to go back again.
Can you see the sea in the distance. It was worth going just to see the Indian carving, i really like that, i'd like one in my garden actually!!
Hope you are all having a good weekend, ttfn !


heidi said...

Hi noelle,
Glad you enjoyed your walk in fine weather,we have been too london to the hugglets bear fair. It was great ,came home with a new friend so watch this space!!
Saw the lovely nicky too with all the vintage magpies!! xx

wonderwoman said...

looks like a gorgeous walk!


Lynne said...

We got the gale force winds over here, nearly swept us and the hounds off our feet!
Looks like you had a nice walk. Lovely tree carving, and aren't snowdrops wonderful?
Have a great week.

Thecraftytrundler said...

What a lovely walk, Noelle! I thought it was only me the camera batteries run out on!!
It was mainly wet, and miserable here, mind you it did dry up in the afternoon eventually.
Have a lovely week : )

Sharon xx

Diane said...

Glad you missed the gales. Ive never been up to Treggenna castle - I love the tree. I'll have to go up for a drink when we are next down. xxxx

Tabiboo said...

I think your right - we must of got your rain yesterday, but the 1st of March and it is glorious today!

Have a lovely week,

Nina xx

Pomona said...

You have sent the sunshine this way - like Nina we had buckets of rain yesterday, but it's lovely and sunny now!

Pomona x