Monday, 8 March 2010


These are my new boats for my shop, they are filled with dried lentils so they could be used as paperweights, i plan on making alot more in lots of colours, they look rather jolly just sat on a shelf.

I have often thought i would like to keep a journal, but have never really got round to it. Well i've taken a step in the right direction and bought myself a beautiful journal from here. Not sure where to start really, its sitting on the table and i'm thinking about it!!!!

I hope you all had a lovely spring-like weekend x x x x x


Lynne said...

Hi Noelle, those boats are lovely.
I've kept a journal, a diary really for years. I have two lovely notebooks though that are so lovely, I don't feel worthy of using them I was looking at them the other day and wondering how I could use them.
Our weekend was sunny and snowy. Mmm a good title for a post maybe?

made with love said...

Noelle I love your boats. They are so pretty.
The weekend here was cold but sunny. It is amazing what a bit of sun does to peoples moods. Everyone seemed to be smiling.
Have fun,
Rachael XX

Diane said...

Yours boats are really locely - and what a fab journal - could be the start of something big!! The memoirs of Noelle!!

wonderwoman said...

Your boats are just lovely and make me long for summer! That looks a smashing journal - just waiting for all those words!!!


Mrs Mac said...


I've just found your blog via UK Handmade. Your felt houses are gorgeous!


all kinds of everything said...

I love your boats! Such a great design!

JP said...

I just love your boats and the journal looks inviting but it is the blank page that is hard

skippinginthemeadow said...

ohhhh, they are so lovely...and very cherry, the make me smile :o) xxx

Julies knitting corner said...

Aw! I love the little boats so fun. Julie.C

Julia said...

Those boats are fabulous! So jaunty and summery! They remind me of your pretty harbour - You're so very clever!
The journal is a pretty one, not very often you see one as nice as that!
Anyway, come and see me soon Noelle, Im having a giveaway!

Love Julia x x x

val said...

Your little boats are just gorgeous and as you say would look great lined up on a shelf harbour!
Love Val xx

Pandora said...

The little boats are so cute and I like the little houses too.


prashant said...

love your boats. They are so pretty.
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