Friday, 2 April 2010

Happy Easter

Just wanted to wish you all a Happy Easter. The school holidays have started and so hopefully a wee bit of a lie in tomorrow, i'm thinking, maybe!!! A sneaky peek at my latest piece of work below.

Oh, and who is this!?

AHHHH, i hear you cry! Its only George. He is a recent addition to our household, he is a bearded dragon, oh i know what your thinking, but actually he is rather lovely, not in a cuddly kind of way but he is rather a character . And he has a friend, Ruby! Now Ruby is only 6 weeks old and i have yet to take her photo but she is sooo cute!!! They actually belong to Hubby and Sam , but i have become quite fond of them both!!!!!! They like to come out of their tank quite often and like to sit with you or on you and actually George makes quite a nice, if rather large brooch!!! Anyway hope you all have a lovely weekend x x x x


goldenbird said...

George is very cool! And I like your latest piece of work ... the little shovel and bucket are cute. Happy Easter!

West Side of Straight said...

Whew! one of our girls had wanted a bearded dragon, but dad put a stop to that idea. It'll be interesting to see them grow - at your house. Happy Easter!

Diane said...

What a great looking pet!!! Ive been sat watching BBC news this morning and St Ives was on! I was looking for you. Have a great Easter. xxx

Lollipop Tree Lane said...

Can't wait to see the rest of your new piece of work...I love colourful Beach Huts. How cool is George! Have a fabulous Easter. x.

Lyn said...

Class 5 in our school have a class dragon called AC.he is lovely and the children adore him, they take turns to have him and his rather large tank for the holidays.
Liking the look of your WIP

silverpebble said...

A happy Easter to you too! That dear little row of beach huts has made me smile this afternoon. Have a lovely few days


Julia said...

I love the peek of the new work, it looks wonderful!! And so does your new family member - our neighbour just aquired two little tortoises which we are looking after and we adore them!
By the way, do come by my blog when you get a chance, there's an award for you to collect!

Much love, Happy Easter
Julia x x x

Twiglet said...

George looks to have attitude!!!
Love your beautiful little pictures.
Happy Easter.

greenrabbitdesigns said...

How cool does George look!
Just love beach huts. :)
Vivienne x

Sarah said...

Love the beach huts - bring on summer!
Our 2 boys would love a George!
Have a great Easter.

wonderwoman said...

a very Happy Easter to you and your family! George is certainly different! Love your beach huts!


winnibriggs said...

Lovely needlework and the pets quite cute too! Happy Easter :)

val said...

Noelle, I just love your little pictures. I love the colours, the style, the so so so so cuteness of each design. You are one very talented lady :0)
Thanks for sharing your gift.
Val xx

Julies knitting corner said...

Hi George he is wonderful. I like your new piece of work. Happy Easter. Julie.C

JP said...

I just love the idea of beach huts - we are coming to St ives on april 24th because all your pictures made me want to revisit so keep some sunshine for me!

skippinginthemeadow said...

ohhhh! George is lovely :o)



Lynne said...

Hope we get to see more of George, and Ruby too.
Love the beach huts.