Sunday, 11 July 2010

Dog walking and Brooch making!

This is Jodie, my happy smiley dog! Not mentioned her much on my blog but she is a big part of my life really. We got her about 5 years ago from the local Dog Rescue Centre, we think she is about 9 years old and shes just the most lovely little dog, bit of a heinz 57 really but i think with a bit of collie! Shes here on her favourite walk up Rosewall hill, she also comes up to the horses with us, and they take great delight in chasing her!

Found something in there!

We walk to the top and sit and take in the view, but she doesnt let you rest for long!!

Made a few new Beaded Brooches this week......

I love making these and last year sold a load before Christmas. I have little card boxes to put them in, will have to get some up for sale i think!

Today i have been busy making homemade soup, bread and fresh strawberry and cream sponge! hmmmmm will post some pictures of that tomorrow! Hope you've all had a good weekend x x x x


Lyn said...

arhh Noelle, I love those beaded brooches! and what a smiley happy doggie!
That view is so gorgeous, you are very lucky!

allsewnup said...

WOW!! What a view! Very pretty broaches.


Diane said...

Ditto what Lyn said - every word. xxx

Poppy Cottage said...

I really love your brooches. Do they take loads of time to make?

Thank you for introducing us to your dog.

(still recovering from prom I think!!)

wonderwoman said...

such a lovely dog - i think the heinz 57 variety are the best - we had one! your brooches are amazing and with all that talk of food i think i better go make some dinner!!!


Julies knitting corner said...

Jodie looks very happy. I remember you making brooches last year, and these are really nice to. Julie.C

Caroline and Jayne said...

I love those brooches sooo much , You should come and share them on our craft blog we could do with seeing more jewellery and any new crafts x
it's a blog for every crafter x

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